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Consulting Services

The School-Based Health Alliance is the nation’s premier school-based health care technical assistance and training provider. Our consulting team uses their decades of combined experience to help foster and support community and school partnerships to plan, implement, operate, evaluate, and improve school-based health centers. We have worked with more than 80 clients representing education, healthcare providers, philanthropy, and state-level stakeholders. 

What we offer ...

SBHC Planning, Start-Up, and Capacity Building

Guidance and support about various topics including selecting partners, advisory groups, readiness assessment, business planning, sustainability, and planning grants.


Massachusetts case study: We provided training and technical assistance to New Bedford Public Schools and their community federally qualified health center (FQHC) partner on SBHC fundamentals, core competencies, and business planning. After sharing fundamental SBHC best practices, the team successfully applied for federal funding and opened their first SBHC.  

“Any district interested in opening an SBHC should have the chance to work with the School-Based Health Alliance Team. Their knowledge of each step involved in the process is valuable to any team.”

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SBHC Improvement Assessment and Coaching

Personalized and continued support for improving partnerships, sound business practices, and high-quality practice for existing SBHCs.

Missouri case study: In 2017-2018, Washington University in St. Louis contracted with SBHA to complete performance effectiveness reviews, site visits, and cost studies; make improvement recommendations; provide training and technical assistance to five existing SBHCs; and provide capacity building training and technical assistance to Missouri’s SBHCs, resulting in the formation of the Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance of Missouri.


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Topics include SBHC 101, core competencies for SBHCs, partnerships, marketing, quality improvement, sustainability, social determinants of health, youth development, and adolescent-friendly health care.

Georgia case study: We have worked with Emory University for more than 10 years, providing training on SBHC fundamentals, core competencies, and business planning. In 2018, SBHA testified about SBHCs to Georgia’s legislature, and in 2022 the governor dedicated $125 million to expand SBHCs. SBHA has transferred its SBHC start-up knowledge and expertise to the SBHA State Affiliate housed at Emory University, which independently support SBHC growth in their state.  


"With the School-Based Health Alliance’s training and consulting services team’s support over the past 10 years, we grew Georgia’s number of SBHCs from two to 80."

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Fostering Grantor and Grantee Success

Fiduciary management, grant process management, technical assistance, and training.

North Carolina case study: We contracted with the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County to provide SBHC capacity building, develop a Request for Applications and scoring criteria, conduct an RFA webinar, meet with potential applicants, review and score applications, conduct SBHC site visits at potential school sites, and provide training and technical assistance to selected grantees. As a result, the United Way successfully opened two SBHCs in Buncombe County Schools.


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“You helped us lay a strong foundation for school-based health centers to be successful for years to come. … I personally cannot thank you enough for being an invaluable resource, thought partner and coach. …”

SBHC State Leadership Development

Coaching and technical assistance to state-level stakeholders interested in building coalitions and grassroots movements to support and strengthen school-based health care in their states, including those interested in developing SBHA State Affiliates. Learn more.

Ohio case study: From 2007-2012, we provided SBHC capacity building to funder Interact for Health in Cincinnati and 50 planning and implementation grantees. We mentored and transferred our SBHC knowledge and expertise to Interact Health and the Ohio SBHA State Affiliate. Our work supported rapid growth, with more than 150 comprehensive, highquality, sustainable SBHCs in the state today. In 2022, after Ohio designated its first state funding for SBHCs, we provided capacity building to the new SBHC State Program Office and its staff.

“It was very helpful to have (SBHA) provide consultation and group technical assistance as a resource for our grantees who were all trying to plan sustainable SBHCs in 10 schools. (Their team) was able to provide both onsite recommendations to the planning teams, in-person educational programs, and several webinars."

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In addition, browse Our Resources section for free documents and toolkits, such as the Start-Up Checklist, the core competencies for SBHCs, the Blueprint, and more.

Who we work with ...

Whether your organization is a school district, healthcare provider, funder, or is working at the state level, the School-Based Health Alliance can help your organization achieve its school-based health care goals. Using proprietary tools and resources based on best practices from the field, we work with teams at every stage of SBHC development—from clients just beginning to identify an education partner to organizations with fully-operational SBHCs creating improvement plans.

To learn more about how we work with specific groups, please click an image at left. If you would like to learn how we work with organizations to foster grantor and grantee success through fiduciary management, grant management, and technical assistance, please click here.

What working together looks like ...​

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When you choose to work with us, we will customize a scope of work based on your needs, including a timeline with deliverables. Based on your team’s goals, the scope of work might include trainings, co-development of resources (e.g., readiness assessments, business planning), capacity building calls, and meeting facilitation. During our work together, we will assess existing partnerships, make suggestions about additional partners you may consider engaging, and serve as a resource as you work to meet student needs.

Learn more about our offerings, processes, and approach in the video below

To learn more ...

We invite you to contact us to discuss individualized consulting options. Our consulting team will respond to your email with a few questions to learn more about your goals and set up a call to discuss your needs and budget. On the call, we will share our initial thoughts about possible ways to work together. From there, we will develop and share a proposal with detailed deliverables and pricing.