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The School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) is the premier national technical assistance and training provider to the school-based health care field. We contribute to improving child and adolescent health via school-based health care by supporting and creating community and school partnerships. Our consulting team offers over 250 years of combined experience working with teams in planning, implementing, operating, evaluating, and improving community-provided school-based health care, including school-based health centers (SBHCs).

We are so glad you are interested in learning about our consulting services! The brief video below describes our offerings, process, and approach.

Who We Work With...

We work with teams at all stages of school-based health care program development— from clients engaging in initial conversations to identify state priorities, to communities in the beginning stages of school-based health care planning, to organizations with fully-operational SBHCs that need support in creating improvement plans. Our expansive list of clients includes local, state, national, and philanthropic entities, Health Centers, school districts, hospitals, universities, emerging state affiliates, state health departments, state primary care associations, national non-governmental organizations, and foundations. 

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What Working Together Looks Like...

When you choose to work with us, we will customize a scope of work based on your needs, including a timeline with deliverables. Based on your team’s goals, the scope of work might include trainings, co-development of resources (e.g., readiness assessments, business planning), capacity building calls, and meeting facilitation. During our work together, we will assess existing partnerships, make suggestions about additional partners you may consider engaging, and serve as a resource as you work to meet student needs.

Our Consulting Team

We come from diverse backgrounds and work collaboratively to meet the needs of clients. To learn more about our staff, click the photos below. For questions about our services, please email

We provide guidance and support on various topics including selecting partners, advisory groups, readiness assessment, business planning, sustainability, and planning grants for groups interested in starting school-based health care programs. We also offer capacity building through individualized coaching calls and training.


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From the Field
The School-Based Health Alliance was contacted by a foundation that was supporting the implementation of a school-based health center in their community. SBHA worked with the foundation, the school, and a local healthcare organization to facilitate trainings on SBHC core competencies, sustainability, and marketing. We provided training and tools to help the healthcare organization develop Pro Forma financial projections for the project. We also offered guidance for navigating consents, staffing, and outreach to the community.

Through assessments, site visits, business planning resources, training, and technical assistance, we offer personalized and continued support for improving partnerships, sound business practices, and high-quality practice for existing school-based health care programs.



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From the Field
An SBHC sponsor in the Northeastern United States planned to close an SBHC at the end of the school year due to low utilization and productivity. The SBHC’s primary care provider, a nurse practitioner, approached the School-Based Health Alliance to help her save the SBHC. The nurse practitioner was surprised at the possibility the SBHC may close because she and the front office person were very busy. Working together, we determined that the SBHC sponsor did not provide a monthly expense and revenue report. Once the provider had the SBHC expense and revenue report, she could begin exploring possibilities for improvement. The provider learned that reimbursement was low because one of the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), who covered 25% of the students, consistently denied billing claims. The provider worked with billing to correct the issue (credentialing). The sponsor organization added the SBHC to its regular review of denials.

As part of the improvement process, the provider completed a workflow analysis, identified “who did what,” and looked for opportunities to increase the ability of SBHC staff to work at the top of their license. The SBHC staffing included the nurse practitioner provider and front office person. One workflow analysis revealed that the provider was not working to the top of her license. The provider called patients back, took vital signs, walked patients to their rooms, and completed medical visits. Despite being told the SBHC was closing, the provider identified the need for a medical assistant. The provider developed a plan to improve, along with a workflow showing how a medical assistant could increase the number of students being seen, increasing both efficiency and utilization. The provider presented her proposal to the administration and requested one semester to test the proposed workflow. The administration approved adding a medical assistant for a semester. The medical sponsor has since added new SBHCs, the medical assistant still works as part of the team, and the students still have their SBHC!

We offer trainings on various topics, including SBHC 101, core competencies for school-based health centers, partnerships, marketing, quality improvement, sustainability, social determinants of health, youth development, and adolescent-friendly health care.



Free Resources

From the Field
The School-Based Health Alliance provides annual training to SBHC planning grant recipients through a partnership with a university. SBHA offers training on SBHC 101, and sustainability/business planning. Each year, SBHA works with the university to understand the needs of the incoming cohort of planning teams and modifies our trainings accordingly.

We provide coaching and technical assistance to state-level stakeholders interested in building coalitions and grassroots movements to support and strengthen school-based health care in their states, including those interested in developing School-Based Health Alliance State Affiliates.

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To Learn More..

We invite you to contact us to discuss individualized consulting options. Our consulting team will respond to your email with a few questions to learn more about your goals and set up a call to discuss your needs and budget. On the call, we will share our initial thoughts about possible ways to work together. From there, we will develop and share a proposal with detailed deliverables and pricing.