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What We Do

All of our work, from consulting and technical assistance to education to advocacy for policies and funding, is done to advance school-based health care. Learn more below about this powerful tool for achieving health equity that exists at the intersection of healthcare and education. Then select an option from the dropdown menu above to learn how the School-Based Health Alliance supports the field.

What Is School-Based Health Care?

School-based health care advances health equity for children and adolescents who experience barriers to accessing care because of systemic inequities, their family income, or where they live. School-based health centers (SBHCs), the most comprehensive type of school-based health care, do this by providing primary, behavioral, oral, and vision care where youth spend most of their time – at school.

Schools and community healthcare organizations form partnerships and their staffs collaborate to open and sustain SBHCs. The care provided in SBHCs complements but does not replace or duplicate existing school health services. It results in improved health outcomes and health literacy for students, school staff, and the community, and contributes to positive education outcomes, including reduced absenteeism, decreased disciplinary actions and suspensions, and improved graduation rates. SBHCs advocate for the needs of children, youth, and families who have low incomes and provide them with a safe haven. 

The  Community Preventive Services Task Force convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends SBHCs as an evidence-based model that improves educational and health outcomes.

About School-Based Health Care Services

Mental Health

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Primary Care

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Social Determinants of Health

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Health Equity

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