What We Do

All children and adolescents deserve to thrive. But too many struggle because they lack access to health care services. School-based health care is the solution, bringing health care to where students already spend the majority of their time: in school.

About School-Based Health Alliance

At the School-Based Health Alliance, we’ve worked for over 25 years to:

  • Set the national policy and legislative agenda for the field, advocate for greater support and funding
  • Promote high-quality clinical practices and standards
  • Support data collection and reporting, evaluation, and research
  • Provide training, technical assistance, and consultation

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Our Initiatives

Consulting Services

About School-Based Health Care

School-based health care is a powerful tool for achieving health equity among children and adolescents who unjustly experience disparities in outcomes simply because of their race, ethnicity, or family income. It’s also a commonsense idea gaining currency across the country: place critically needed services like medical, behavioral, dental, and vision care directly in schools so that all young people, no matter their zip code, have equal opportunity to learn and grow.

School-Based Health Centers

The Intersection of Health and Education

Health is a critical factor in setting our children up for success in life inside and outside of school. School-based health centers (SBHCs) increase access to health care, contribute to positive educational outcomes, reduce emergency room use, lower Medicaid costs, and expand access to mental health services.

Healthy Benefits

Services that SBHCs Provide

Healthy Impacts

Health Supports Successful Students & Families

Better Access to Health Services

Healthier Students and Families

Healthy Students Learn Better

Gains in Student Academic Success

Helps to Build Trust

Families Connect With the School

Attendance Rate Increases
Dropout Rate Decreases

Lower Medicaid Costs

Reduced Emergency Room Usage​

More Time at Work Increases Families’ Financial Security​

Healthy Partnerships

Delivering Health Services to Underserved Communities

Most school-based health centers are operated by an external sponsoring medical partner.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Nonprofit or Community-Based Organizations
Local Health Departments
School Districts

Working in Every State

A Growing National Movement

Delivery Models

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Telehealth Exclusive

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2,500 plus SBHCs Nationwide text and a United State map

The School-Based Health Alliance works on policy, standards, data, and training issues with state affiliates and national organization partners, advocates, healthcare providers, and SBHCs in every state.

Our Focus

The School-Based Health Alliance Works to Support & Grow SBHCs


Establishes and advocates for national policy priorities


Promotes high-quality clinical practices and standards, including for telehealth


Supports data collection and reporting, evaluation, and research


Provides training, technical assistance, and consultation