Joey Kaji

Madison, Wisconsin

“Our voices need to be louder when they help those without a voice.”
Joey Kaji, a Senior at Madison West High School, is a first-year youth
advisory council member. Joey began working in advocacy as a part
of the Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH)
program, where he took on a project to help the fledgling
School-Based Health Centers in his district. This past year he worked
with the Youth Governance Program (YAB) for Dane County to draft
and pass a resolution portraying the county’s support for mental
health. Joey also investigates social media and its effects on
adolescent mental health through the University of Wisconsin
Pediatrics Department. In school, Joey loves history and computer
science fields and hopes to use the skills learned there to pave the
way for improved healthcare worldwide. He hopes amplifying youth
voices in regard to healthcare will lead to better lives for all.