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“Increasing Well-Child Visits And Vaccinations In School-Aged Youth”

Date: May 2022

The School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA), the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), and the School Superintendents Association (ASSA) have created a Toolkit aimed at helping schools and health providers encourage and enable families to catch up on their children’s well care visits (WCVs) and all immunizations. As you well know, in this time of COVID, so many families have postponed these necessary visits and shots. Yet our schools must adhere to their states’ immunization requirements even while focusing on the virus, vaccines, and school openings/closings. This online Toolkit includes helpful ideas on operations, partnerships, and communication strategies with practical resources such as MOUs, consent forms, letters, talking points, flyers/posters. Join us on May 12th at 3 pm EST for a presentation that will provide attendees the opportunity to hear from representatives from each of the three major partners. The creator of the Toolkit will offer a “walk through” of the various sections explaining best ways to use the document. Additionally, attendees will hear from providers who have successfully adapted their practices to get their students back on track for vaccinations and well-child visits.

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