We are committed to helping school-based health centers (SBHCs) improve both the quality of their clinical care and their population health and wellness efforts throughout the school. In order to achieve those ends, the School-Based Health Alliance has developed a collection of resources designed to help clinicians and administrators provide quality health care to students at their school and build sustainable SBHCs.

In this Section

The Blueprint is a member’s only tool to help guide you as you design, operationalize, and expand your SBHC to meet the needs of your students and community.

Technical Assistance: Submit a technical assistance request online.

Core Competencies: We partnered with our state affiliates and experts from the school-based health care field to develop seven core competencies that every SBHC is expected to demonstrate in its pursuit of student wellness.

Quality Counts: We are challenging the school-based health care field to join the movement and voluntarily adopt and report the five performance measures for SBHCs.

SBHC Sustainability: What makes a school-based health center sustainable? We convened a group of experts—SBHC administrators, funders, providers, finance policy analysts, and program evaluators—to answer this question.

SBHC Literature Database: Use this resource to explore more than 140 peer-reviewed articles that have been published about SBHCs from the 1970s to the present.

Mapping Tool: This tool allows users to harness the power of geographic information systems (GIS) technology for data-driven decision-making.

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Coming soon: We are updating many of our tools and resources. We also have a few new tools in the works. Check back frequently for new resources!