Hallways to Health

Our Hallways to Health program has a bold goal: to use school-based health centers (SBHCs) as catalysts that change a school’s climate and outlook on health.

Hallways to HealthLaunched in 2013 with support from Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools, Hallways to Health selected 14 high-performing SBHCs in California, Georgia, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington to take part in this initiative. Through Hallways to Health, SBHCs advance wellness for students, school employees, and the community by integrating health into classrooms, teachers’ lounges, and neighborhoods.

To date, these SBHCs have created lasting changes to school and district wellness policies, nurtured long-term opportunities for school integration, and formed partnerships to strengthen their population health efforts.

Hallways to Health empowers SBHCs to reach policy targets and systems change in three focus areas: healthy eating/active living, social-emotional health, and school employee wellness. By furthering population health for students and school employees, we’re ensuring students are healthy enough to achieve their full academic potential.

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