Youth Advisory Council Application

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Join the School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth Advisory Council

SchoolBasedHA-168Please use the form below to apply to the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Youth ages 16 and older who have current or prior access to a school-based health center (SBHC), or extensive knowledge of school-based health center, work to address health care issues affecting young people, and are passionate about school-based health care are eligible to apply.

Please Note: Serving on the Youth Advisory Council requires, at a minimum, annual travel.  While an adult chaperone will be onsite and present at all times, YAC members typically travel solo. Applicants (especially those under 18) should secure permission from their parent(s)/guardian(s) for solo traveling prior to submitting an application. 

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  • For College Students: If you are or will soon be attending college, please enter the following information. For High School Students: Please put N/A.
  • References

  • Please list two references who are not a family member. These references should be able to speak to your ability to serve on the School-Based Health Alliance Youth Advisory Council. Please submit a recommendation letter from at least one of your references below.
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  • Essay

  • Please respond to the questions below.

    Type your responses into a Word document and upload it below. Limit responses to 250-300 words per question.

    1. Why are you applying to be on the Youth Advisory Council?
    2. How did you hear about this position and how familiar are you with the work of School-Based Health Alliance?
    3. What experience do you have with school-based health centers?
    4. What extra-curricular activities (school, work, religious institutions, etc.) are you involved in and what leadership role(s) have you experienced in these activities?
    5. What are the greatest health or social issues facing young people today, and how could the School-Based Health Alliance Youth Advisory Council work to address these issues?
    6. What other commitments will be balanced with your commitment to the Council (including, but not limited to: work and volunteerism)?
    7. Are you available to attend the National School-Based Health Care Convention in Washington, DC, June 22-26, 2019 (expenses covered by School-Based Health Alliance)?