Meet Our Youth Advisory Council!

The School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth Advisory Council:

Nate Batiste, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
“We are the bridge between adults and kids, and it is our job as health ambassadors to take the terms that adults give and put them into a way our peers can understand.”

Nathaniel Batiste III is a second year member of the Youth Advisory Council and sophomore Biomedical Engineering major at Louisiana Tech University.  He remains involved in his community and his high school’s Student Advisory Council. He dreams of one day becoming a biomedical engineer focused on bionics to help not only his community but others as well. Nathaniel watched many people struggle with health problems, both mentally and physically. Witnessing these challenges first hand, inspired him to become the young man that he is today. He hopes that one day he can inspire others to follow down the same path.

Gianna Forlizzi, Peabody, Massachusetts
“Students are burdened with daily stresses that are not limited to those inside of a classroom. I believe we can address and help lighten the heavy load of stresses that students face by educating them on how to advocate for themselves and manage the stresses of daily life.”

Gianna Forlizzi is a first year member of the Youth Advisory Council and sophomore Philosophy major at Salem State University. She discovered her passion for advocacy work in high school with the Youth Advisory Council at the Peabody Veterans’ Memorial High School’s school-based health center. After being a member of the council, she was awarded the “Be the Change” scholarship to attend the School-Based Health Alliance Convention in Washington, D.C. in 2016. Gianna is truly grateful for the work that the School-Based Health Alliance does and is incredibly honored to be a part of it. She hopes to one day have a career in advocacy and help make to changes similar to those that helped her grow.

Gnogna Fathima Lye, Bronx, New York
“It only takes one person to lead the way for change. If one is all it takes, imagine what more we can do together.”

Gnogna Fathima Lye is a first year member of the Youth Advisory Council and junior at the Bronx High School for Medical Science. She is the captain of the softball team and is involved in extracurricular activities and sports in her school and community. She is a member and a leader of the Montefiore Youth Council and continues to learn and educate others about health and school-based health centers (SBHCs). She attended Advocacy Day twice (February 2016 & 2017) in Albany, NY, to advocate for funding for SBHCs. After attending the School Based Health Alliance Convention in 2016 at Washington, D.C, she realized being part of the Youth Advisory Council would give her a chance to inspire others. She hopes to use this platform to create more engagement with students around the country. She plans to major in nursing and ultimately desires to work in pediatrics, impacting young kids and teens’ lives for the better.

Komal Oza, Chino Hills, California
“Our actions define who we are as individuals and as a community of public health representatives. With our determination to improve the health of students through teamwork and leadership, we can provide them with the resources that they need to achieve their greatest potential.”

Komal Oza is a first year member of the Youth Advisory Council and Nursing major at Mount San Antonio College. Experiences such as being involved in campus clubs such as the Caduceus Club and Honors Ambassadors as well as being a member of the Reach Out Foundation’s Youth Policy Initiative have contributed to her passion for improving the health of young people in her community. Her interest in the Youth Advisory Council stemmed from having to face her personal struggles without the support of a school-based health center and learning the impact that they have made on students throughout the nation that have experienced health challenges of their own. In the future, Komal dreams of becoming a Nurse Practitioner and establishing her own organization to help shape the minds of individuals that have the desire to help people in their local communities.

Youth Advisory Council Leadership

Nicole Carrillo, Youth Development Intern, Omaha, Nebraska
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“We are the RIGHT NOW. What we do now will shape the future, but we must also focus on today. We can change the lives of many today, and again tomorrow.”

Nicole Carrillo is a junior International Business Management major at Southern Adventist University. She has been involved with the Council for three years and now serves as co-advisor. Nicole has always been very involved in her school and community and has participated in clubs such as the National Honor Society, Student Council, Thrive, and Healthy Huskies. During the summer of 2014, she interned with an organization that supports school-based health centers (SBHCs). It was during this time that she learned about the Youth Advisory Council. After she graduates in 2017, Nicole hopes to pursue her Master in Public Health and continue her work with school-based health centers.

Cameron Estrada, Youth Development Intern, Roswell, New Mexico
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“We all face similar challenges yet deal with them differently. When we engage with each other, listen and learn from one another, we become better leaders and champions for school-based health centers.”

Cameron Estrada is a sophomore Social Work and Entrepreneurial Business double major at Texas Christian University (TCU). She has been involved with the Council for three years and now serves as co-advisor. Cameron is the founder and president of IMPACT Teens, a youth-led health education non-profit sponsored by the school-based health center in Roswell High School, her former high school. In addition to her work with the School-Based Health Alliance at the national and local levels, Cameron is a Daniels Fund Scholar, a member of the John V. Roach Honors College at TCU, a member of Leaders 4 Life, a speaker at the National Honors Society convention in New Mexico, and an alumni of Hugh O’Brien Youth. Cameron credits the Youth Advisory Council for providing her the skills needed to succeed in her many endeavors. She looks forward to this year, giving as much back in return.