State Affiliates Share Our Vision; Help Guide Our National Agenda

From our early developmental days, we recognized that our work at the national level must be informed by the experiences of local and state school-based health care (SBHC) partners. These organizations represent the SBHC movement “in the field” and bring with them valuable input into the day-to-day operational needs of school health care providers.

The majority of these local organizations are independent nonprofits representing school-based health care concerns. Many have chosen to work together to identify one organization within their state to lead their advocacy and public policy efforts. As of today, 28 states have formed or are in the process of establishing a state SBHC organization, and of those, 20 have achieved State Affiliate status with the School-Based Health Alliance.

Interested in Becoming a State Affiliate?

State Affiliates are partners that agree to share in SBHA’s mission, vision, and core values. To be recognized as a State Affiliate, the organization must go through an application process. It is critical that the organization applying for affiliate status is supported in that effort by the majority of SBHC providers in the state. Each State Affiliate is a member of the State Affiliate Network. The goal of this network is to build a comprehensive coalition and a grassroots movement to support and strengthen the school-based health care model. Email us at to learn more about state affiliation.

Not Yet a State Affiliate, But Want to Be Included in the Conversation?

Some states are in the early phases of bringing stakeholders together to represent the interests of SBHC and are not fully an affiliate but considered an Emerging Affiliate, moving toward affiliation. Other states simply do not have the infrastructure to build and sustain an active State Affiliate yet desire to be included in the conversation and the work. Emerging Affiliates and other state SBHC leaders are welcome to work together in the State Affiliate Network, regardless of their state’s affiliation status. Email us at to learn more about State Affiliate Network.

State Affiliates

Please click here for the full list of state affiliates and their contacts. Please contact us to become an emerging affiliate.