Who We Are

The School-Based Health Alliance works to improve the health of children and youth by advancing and advocating for school-based health care.

Image of Students holding signs supporting SBHCs

Our vision is that all children and adolescents are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.

Founded in 1995, the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) is a nonprofit organization that advances and informs more than 2,500 school-based health care programs, enabling them to provide high-quality care to the nation’s most vulnerable children. SBHA also supports a network of 22 state affiliates, collaborates with partner organizations in the school health field, and serves as a resource to policymakers in the education and health sectors.

Meet Our Team and Supporters

Headshot: Robert Boyd, MCRP, MDiv

Robert Boyd, MCRP, MDiv

President and CEO

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Headshot: Tammy Alexander, MEd

Tammy Alexander, MEd

Vice President of State Relations

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Headshot: Emily Baldi, MSW

Emily Baldi, MSW

Program Manager

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Headshot: Laura Brey, MS

Laura Brey, MS

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

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Headshot: Tierra Brooks, BA

Tierra Brooks

Senior Administrative Assistant

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Harper Byers

Administrative Assistant, Programs

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Shameka Davis, MPA

Program Manager

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Headshot: Nicole Carrillo, BA

Nicole Korp

Program Associate

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Headshot: Katherine Cushing, MPH

Katherine Cushing, MPH

Program Manager of Quality, Research and Evaluation

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Headshot: Matt Even, JD

Matt Even, JD

Director, Data Management

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Headshot: Paula Fields, MSN, RN

Paula Fields, MSN, RN

Vice President of Programs & Technical Assistance

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Anna Goddard, PhD, APRN

Vice President of Quality, Research, & Evaluation

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Annelise Green, MA

Program Associate of Research and Evaluation

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Nine Greenlee

Administrative Assistant, Communications and Outreach

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Headshot: Suzanne Mackey, MPH

Suzanne Mackey, MPH

Vice President of Policy

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Headshot: Seleena Moore, MPH

Seleena Moore, MPH

Senior Program Manager

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Headshot: Alicia Newell, BA

Alicia Newell

Director of Administration

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Headshot: Andrea Shore, MPH

Andrea Shore, MPH

Chief Program Officer

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Headshot: Katy Stinchfield, MS, LPC

Katy Stinchfield, MS, LPC

Director of Behavioral Health Programs

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Headshot: Deirdre Taylor, BA

Deirdre Taylor

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

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