YAC members share blogs on specific youth related topics, as well as their personal experiences and work with the school-based health care field. Blog posts are published on the SBHA website which can be found here. See below for the most recent blogs from YAC members.

Previous Youth Digests

Every month a new Digest is sent out detailing information for youth across the country interested in all things school-based healthcare related. Subscribe here to receive future Digests in your email inbox.


Every year the YAC members select a focus topic which they use to develop their webinar for the year as well as their presentation at the ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program at the National School-Based Health Care Convention. All presentations are researched by the YAC members and presented to professionals and schools across the country. The YAC Members strive to make the topics relevant and to provide tools that local School-Based Health Centers can use to make positive changes or influence growth.


Our Council does more than just write, they act. These videos showcase their dedication to the work that the School-Based Health Alliance is doing on a national level as well as their hometowns. From speaking at the National School-Based Health Care Convention to utilizing the Youth Participatory Research (YPAR) model, all work is youth-driven.