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DentaQuestThe Surgeon General once called dental disease a “silent epidemic.” The DentaQuest Foundation (dentaquestfoundation.org) is the leading US philanthropy focused solely on oral health.  In collaboration with our grantees and partners, the Foundation is working to make oral health a health care priority, to increase access to quality, affordable care, and to put prevention at the core of everything we do—in order to eradicate an almost entirely preventable disease.


Aetna FoundationAetna has a long tradition of giving and community support that crystallized in 1972, when the Aetna Foundation was established. Over the years, we have strengthened disease prevention programs, helped revitalize neighborhoods, supported the arts, provided aid to those in need, and listened to the diverse voices that shape our nation. Since 1980, Aetna and the Aetna Foundation have contributed more than $445 million in grants and sponsorships.


Cardinal Health is a Fortune 22 company that improves the cost-effectiveness of health care. As the business behind health care, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving quality. Cardinal Health employs more than 34,000 people worldwide.

CVS Health

Millions of times a day, close to home and across the country, CVS Health is helping people on their path to better health. We’re reinventing pharmacy to have a more active, supportive role in each person’s unique health experience and in the greater health care environment—from advising on prescriptions to helping manage chronic and specialty conditions to providing quality walk-in medical care and pharmacy benefits management. Because we’re present in so many moments, in ways that are more affordable and effective, we’re able to positively influence health behavior and shape the future of health care for people, businesses and communities. Health is everything.


OneSight is a leading vision care nonprofit providing quality eye care and eyewear in underserved communities worldwide. Since 1988, OneSight has helped 8.5 million people in 40 countries, including 1.1 million students in the United States. OneSight is partnering with local community leaders, educators and health care providers to expand its sustainable school-based vision program to ensure all students have the opportunity to see and learn their best and reach their full potential.


Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is Louisiana’s fastest growing children’s hospital treating approximately 90,000 patients annually from across Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The hospital has 95 beds dedicated to children and is the only health care provider in the Baton Rouge area that provides a full range of pediatric services ranging from a 24/7 pediatric emergency room to a team of more than 60 pediatric specialists. For more information, visit www.ololchildrens.org.


AmerigroupAmerigroup, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem, Inc., has proudly provided health care coverage in Texas since 1996. We currently have the privilege to serve 812,000 members enrolled in various programs, including STAR, STAR+PLUS, CHIP, and Medicare Advantage programs in 230 counties across Texas. Amerigroup is dedicated to offering real solutions that improve health care access and quality for our members.

United Health Care

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is a part of the UnitedHealthcare brand and serves members in 24 states and the District of Columbia. Our mission is to help people live healthier lives by ensuring access to health care coverage for the underserved. We accomplish that mission through innovative programs such as the Personal Care Model, Healthy First Steps, and disease management. We work hard at being a good partner for states, providers and members.


allergy network logoAllergy & Asthma Network is the leading nonprofit dedicated to ending the needless death and suffering due to asthma, allergies, and related conditions through outreach, education, advocacy, and research.


AMD_Logo_Long_300 dpi

AMD Global Telemedicine is the pioneer of Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions that enable health care providers to connect clinical patients with remote specialists. As telemedicine is evolving into mainstream care, school-based health centers are leveraging our telemedicine technology so school nurses can perform a clinical assessment on a child, while simultaneously having a live consult with a nurse practitioner or doctor at another location. This eliminates the need for students to leave the campus for a doctor appointment. AMD Global Telemedicine offers telemedicine program design, encounter management software, mobile carts/cases, and medical devices. Visit www.amdtelemedicine.com for more information.


The American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures National Center is pleased to present Bright Futures—valuable resources and tools that offer guidelines and proven best practices for a wide range of childhood health issues. Check out all the most current publications from Bright Futures including the new Bright Futures Nutrition and the 3rd edition of the Bright Futures Guidelines.


Apex specializes in systems evaluation. We work with a wide range of initiatives in education, health, and social services. Ask us why we call it the evolution of evaluation. We are pleased to unveil Just Health, an iPad screening tool designed to de-stigmatize sensitive topics so that “Sexual Health is Just Health” and “Mental Health is Just Health.” It’s an ecosystem to improve patient-provider communication, inform population management and health promotion, and support more targeted professional development.


The CareClix School-Based Telemedicine Solution is a widely expanding delivery system for educational facilities utilizing web-based solutions for convenient access to a doctor. Our telehealth solution enhances the role of a nurse or caretaker by providing increased access to a provider via on-site e-clinics with attached medical devices like stethoscopes and oral and skin cameras, while also permitting students to have access to a doctor from home via video or telephone. This makes CareClix and its technology unique in that it is the only integrated telemedicine platform providing a continuum of telehealth services-telephone and video access to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the virtual examination room, and to the patient centered medical home. In offering a comprehensive telemedicine solution, CareClix is changing the way patients see their doctor.


The mission of CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) is to prevent HIV, other STDs, and teen pregnancy, and promote lifelong health among youth. DASH supports state, local, territorial, and tribal education and health agencies; large urban school districts; and national organizations to help schools implement school health programs that emphasize HIV, STD, and unintended pregnancy prevention. www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth

Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation, a national nonprofit with nearly 50 affiliated organizations throughout the US, has led the fight against seizures since 1968. The Foundation is an unwavering ally for individuals and families impacted by epilepsy and seizures. The mission of the Foundation is to stop seizures and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), find a cure, and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy, and research to accelerate ideas into therapies.


Hazelden Publishing is the leading publisher of resources that help millions of people recognize, understand, and conquer addiction and related life issues. Hazelden Publishing provides readers the tools and guidance needed to overcome adversity and grow in the areas of recovery, relationships, family, mental health, and spirituality.

logo_healthedco com

Stop by our booth or visit HealthEdco.com to see original creations such as Mr. Gross Mouth TM, Fizzics of Soda TM, the Vat of Fat TM, Boozed and Confused TM Goggles, and hundreds of other delightfully disgusting health education products.

Healthy Teen Network Outline Logo

Founded in 1979, Healthy Teen Network fosters a national community where all adolescents and young adults, including pregnant and parenting teens, are supported and empowered to thrive. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we serve as a leading national membership organization (501c3) for adolescent health professionals and organizations, promoting a unique and holistic perspective—our Youth 360° frame—to improve the health and well-being of young people.


MedImmune Specialty Care Division of AstraZeneca is the global biologics unit of AstraZeneca based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. MedImmune manufactures Synagis, a monoclonal antibody for the prevention of respiratory infections in infants and FluMist, an intranasal influenza vaccine. MedImmune aims to be the next revolutionary force in biotechnology by delivering life-changing products, industry-leading performance, and a tireless commitment to improving patient health.


Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in health care. We offer a growing portfolio of ~1,400 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. Our Specialty business focuses on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of prescription drug products for respiratory diseases, life-threatening allergic reactions, general anesthesia, and psychiatric disorders. For more information, visit mylan.com.


The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center (OHRC) provides high-quality information and materials to health professionals to improve oral health services for infants, children, and adolescents including those with special health care needs and their families. Topics include dental caries, dental sealants, injury prevention, Medicaid/CHIP, nutrition, and pregnancy. OHRC is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administrations’ Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

OHA 60Y Shooting Star

Oral Health America (OHA) is a national 501(c )3 nonprofit focused on improving the nation’s oral health. OHA consists of two key programs: Smiles Across America and Wisdom Tooth Project, and five Campaigns for Oral Health Equity. Our mission is to change lives by connecting communities with resources to drive access to care, increase health literacy and advocate for policies that improve overall health through better oral health for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.

AAPCC logo new with border 2012

OTC Literacy is a free four-lesson curriculum designed to teach middle school students how to take over-the-counter medications safely, under the supervision of an adult guardian. Developed by Scholastic, in partnership with AAPCC, the OTC Literacy program provides the foundation for a lifelong healthy respect for all medications, in hopes of preventing pharmaceutical misuse and abuse in middle school, high school, and beyond. Please visit scholastic.com/otcliteracy for lesson plans, downloadable printables, videos, and interactive content.


Physicians for Reproductive Health unites the medical community and concerned supporters. Together, we work to improve access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion, especially to meet the health care needs of economically disadvantaged patients. We bring the physician’s distinctive voice to debates over reproductive health care and offer all health care professionals tools for teaching and learning about reproductive and sexual health, including best practices for caring for adolescents.

Pulpdent Logo

Pulpdent manufactures high-quality products for the dental profession including adhesives, composites, provisional materials, sealants, cements, etching gels, calcium hydroxide products, endodontic specialties, and bonding accessories.


Since our founding in 1957, School Health Corporation has been dedicated to serving the needs of health professionals and those entrusted in their care. From our initial focus on school nurses, we have grown to provide products and services for athletic trainers, special needs professionals, and early childhood teachers. Today we are a national, full-service provider of health supplies, products, and services. We are committed to fulfilling our promise of serving customers and supporting the health of everyone so that they can learn and perform to the best of their abilities.


The School-Based Health Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1995. We are the national voice for school-based health care. We serve the school-based health care field by providing technical assistance, resources, and trainings so they can provide the best-quality health care to their patients. In addition, we advocate for policies on the local, state, and federal level that strengthen school health. We support our technical assistance and advocacy work—and the entire school-based health care field—through quality research and evaluation.


School Nurse Supply provides first aid and medical supplies to school nurses and health care professionals across the country. When it comes to school health, we pride ourselves on offering quality products and superior service—at the best price! We at School Nurse Supply work hard to make your life as a school nurse easier. Affordable and practical, the products found within our catalog and website will give you the lasting support that you need throughout your busy day. It is our goal to become your first and only choice when ordering all of your medical supply needs.


Central Health’s Board of Managers created Sendero Health Plans, Inc. in 2011 as the only nonprofit, local health management organization in our eight county Travis Service Area to provide health coverage under the STAR and CHIP programs. Sendero’s IdealCare plan is also a Qualified Health Plan for the Affordable Care Act. Sendero also serves as the administrator for around 22,000 enrollees in Central Health’s Medical Access Program (MAP) bringing efficiency to this essential community service.

Bixby 2

The UCSF Bixby Center’s Beyond the Pill Program partners with clinics, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to promote access to the most effective methods of contraception, including the IUD and contraceptive implant, through training, education, and research.


Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. manufactures specialty vehicles such as mobile medical and dental clinics, mobile education/computer labs, and mobile command units. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to design and build fully customized, rugged, long-lasting units, from the chassis up. We recognize that every agency has different requirements with regard to vehicle use, size, outfitting, and affordability. USV will help you bring your program into your community. Visit us at www.usv1.com for more details.