State Policy Maps

The School-Based Health Alliance surveys state offices involved in the oversight of school-based health centers (SBHCs) through our School-Based Health Center Policy Assessment to monitor state-level public policies and activities that promote the growth and sustainability of SBHCs. SBHA uses this information to inform policymakers and advocate for federal, state, and local policies to sustain and grow SBHCs.

In spring 2023, SBHA reached out to state program offices at departments of health and education focused on SBHCs and school health, SBHA State Affiliates, and Title V offices across 50 states and the District of Columbia. We received responses from 33 states about how SBHCs are supported.

Click on a state below to view how SBHCs are defined, whether and how SBHC-specific funding is allocated, and state-level alignment with the National Performance Measures for SBHCs.


SBHC programs are defined in your state law/regulations

SBHC programs are not defined in your state law/regulations

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State provide dedicated funds to SBHC programs (sites) during fiscal year 2022

State did not provide dedicated funds to SBHC programs (sites) during fiscal year 2022

No data provided

National Performance Measure Alignment

States reported their alignment with SBHCs collection and reporting of national performance measures. Response options included: Aligns, Differs, and Not Collected.

State provided data

No data provided