About the Hallways to Health National Initiative

Launched in 2013 with support from Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools, Hallways to Health (H2H) looks at delivering services and building partnerships beyond the physical walls of a school-based health center to include integrating health into classrooms, teachers’ lounges, and neighborhoods.

The goal of this initiative is to empower school-based health care (SBHC) leaders to be agents of change within their schools and communities, creating policy and systems change in three focus areas: healthy eating/active living, social-emotional health, and school employee wellness.

Project Description

The School-Based Health Alliance will establish a H2H Learning Collaborative to facilitate trainings and technical assistance on how to expand SBHC services beyond the traditional individual level of clinical care to include population health. Specifically, SBHA will help H2H sites: identify their population health needs; develop wellness teams to implement action plans to address these needs; facilitate the sharing of challenges, solutions, and ideas among the H2H sites; and create sustainability plans to continue H2H innovations beyond the initiative.

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