‘Be the Change’ Chaperone FAQs

What are my responsibilities as a chaperone?

Chaperones are responsible for scheduling travel to and from the convention for the student(s) they are supervising. They are also charged with arranging room accommodations, food during non-scheduled meals, and general supervision of the student(s) during non-convention hours. Chaperones are also responsible for ensuring that their student(s) follow the rules established in their consent form.

Is there a consent form I have to sign?

Yes, all consent forms must be signed by the youth, their parent/guardian, and their chaperone. The form can be downloaded here.

Do I need to participate in ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program activities?

No, you are not required to participate in any youth program activities. As a registered attendee of the National School-Based Health Care Convention, you are more than welcome to participate in any of the open workshops listed in the general program. You may sit-in on any ‘Be the Change’ workshops, but please check-in with Seleena Moore, ‘Be the Change’ coordinator, before you do so.

Is there a limit to the number of students I can chaperone?

No, there is no official limit to the number of students you can chaperone.

If one of the students I am chaperoning received a scholarship, how will their room be paid?

Scholarship recipients’ rooms will be provided by the School-Based Health Alliance.  The chaperone is responsible for arranging room accommodations for all students they are bringing to the convention that did not receive a scholarship.

Will the youth be staying at the same hotel as the convention?

Most youth will be staying at the same hotel as the convention. As a chaperone, you are required to stay at the same hotel as your youth.