Poster Presentations

2019 Convention Poster List

Listed below are the titles for each poster that will be on display. Click the title to see a description of the poster. If you are a poster presenter, you can download a FAQ here.

: STI / HIV Prevention Program
1: Are Webinars an Effective Method of Delivering Continuing Education for Master’s Level Behavioral Health Providers?
2: School medical director: roles, conflict and collaboration
3: Providing Reproductive Health Education to English Language Learners
4: Show me the Money... Saved!
5: Partnering with a Rural School District in Student Suicide Prevention
6: Promoting HIV Screening Through Peer Education
7: Promoting and Developing New School-Based Health Centers
8: The Paramount Health Data Project: How School Nurse Encounter Data Can Improve Academic Success
9: I CaRe QI: Improving Chlamydia Screening for Adolescents in the Clinic Setting
10: Healthy Kids: St. Louis Children’s Hospital Addresses Health Needs in Targeted Populations
11: Flu vaccines and therapy dogs at the SBHC-a PAWsome experience
12: School Base Health Center Medical Assistant Best Group Practice
13: Tracking Financial Sustainability in Oregon SBHCs: Sponsorship Matters
14: Building Capacity for State-Wide Adolescent Risk Assessment to Inform Mental Health Prevention/Intervention
15: Asthma Scripts to School Program: Partnerships to increase inhaler access at school
16: A School-Based Intervention to Increase HPV Vaccination Rates
17: Innovative Uses of Marketing to increase SBHC Awareness
18: FeNO: New Technology Simplifies Asthma Management
19: Incorporating Youth Voice into Youth-Centered Care
20: Improving Asthma Outcomes Through Linkages to Home, School, and the Primary Care Provider
21: Asthma Knowledge Gaps and Education Topic Preferences Amongst School-Based Providers
22: Building Strengths and Inspiring Hope in Leeward Coast Schools
23: A Collaborative Initiative to Increase Adolescent Well Child Exams for Medicaid Recipients
24: Healthier Lives at School and Beyond: A School-Based Telemedicine Initiative
25: I Need HELP, but I'm not Asking for it: Identifying & Supporting Students Through the CARE Team
26: Piloting a Nutrition Class curriculum with adolescents at an underserved school care site
27: Kill List: Using the Expanded Family Life Cycle Paradigm in Case Formulation
28: Adapting Parent Management Training for Teachers to Address Disruptive Behavior in Schools
29: Collaborating Through Data: Using a School Achievement Engine to Enrich Psychiatry Care
30: Learning Mindfully: How a School Based Health Clinic Brought Mindfulness to Schools
31: Supporting Resilience Among Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth: Are School-based Group Interventions Safe and Effective?
32: Creative Cultivation and funding for mental health resources through a school-based clinic for at risk children in Florida
33: Trends in Mental/ Behavioral health services utilization at School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in Oregon from 2013-2018
34: Misbehavior or Psychiatric Symptoms? Bridging a Philosophical Divide at an Alternative School
35: Preparation is Key to Saving Lives from Sudden Cardiac Arrest
36: Comprehensive and Behavioral Health in Adolescents Model (CBHAM)
37: Storytelling: A Viable Avenue for Mental Health Treatment and Suicide Prevention
38: Oral health promotion and dental care access for children through school-based services
39: The Value of a Community Advisory Board on SBHC Services in Northern Delaware
40: A Comprehensive Approach to Full Immunization Coverage in the Nation's Capital
41: Expanding Beyond the Medical Model: A Clinician-Led Mindfulness Intervention to Promote Student Resilience
42: Linking Reproductive Health Education to Clinical Outcomes
43: MEND 7-13 with CATCH Physical Activity - Reducing Obesity for Life
44: Maximizing program reach through braided revenue, grants, philanthropy and transfers to tackle the social determinants of health.
45: ACTION PAC, an Adolescent Obesity Intervention Trial in School Based Health Centers
46: Sharing stories, caring for our kids.