Poster Presentations

2020 Convention Poster List

Listed below are the titles for each poster that will be on display. Click the title to see a description of the poster. If you are a poster presenter, you can download a FAQ here.

1: It's OK not to be OK, so let's talk.
2: Getting to Yes: Pathways to Providing Reproductive Health Services
3: School-based directly observed therapy for asthma improves asthma control and attendance
4: Comprehensive Asthma care and the Community in 3 SBHCs
5: Stronger Together: Preliminary Outcomes of School-Based Behavioral Health Services in Rural Hawaii
6: Identifying a Need: STD Screening Results from a School-Based Healthcare Program in Miami, Florida
7: Senior Student Passport 2 Health A Comprehensive Wellness Site for Young Adults
8: The ABCs of ACEs: Using the Adolescent ACE Screening Tool to Improve School-Based Trauma Informed Care & Assessment
9: The Importance of Lerning from Averted School Attacks
10: Using Quality Improvement to Enhance Provision of Sexual Health Services in Schools
11: Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage in Adolescent Males Using a School Based Health Approach
12: Forward Together: A Process To Manage Overwhelming Mental Health Referral Numbers
13: Answering the Call: Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Services in Rural Schools Through Telemedicine
14: Beyond Co-location: Development of a School Health Integration Measure
15: Adapting Healthy Lifestyles Clinic for School Based Health Centers
16: Prevention Through Any Door? An Analysis of Health Services provided to Mental Health Clients at Oregon SBHCs, 2018-19
17: A Comparison: Live Webinars vs. Recorded Webinars for Behavioral Health Personnel
18: Take a Time Out to Tune In
19: Traumatic Stress in Latino Immigrant Adolescents
20: Assessing Primary Care Provider Understanding of Adolescent Behavioral Health to Build Professional Capacity
21: Assessing Children’s National School Health Programs to Develop an Innovative Evaluation Framework
22: Managing Students with Seizures ECHO - The Importance of School Nurses
23: Becoming Financially Independent - How to be Less Dependent on Grant Funding
24: Spreading the word about SBHCs: a Learning Group for schools, providers, and community
25: Data sharing and Pay for Performance incentives among regional school-based health centers: challenges and successes
26: Determining the Benefits and Proper Implementation of Teledentistry Modalities for Underserved Children
27: Beyond Clinic Walls - Redefining the impact of your clinic within the community
28: Integration of Health Services in Oregon School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)
29: Recruiting students for two early-stage YACs: lessons learned and future directions
30: How Can I Help? Training Educators to Recognize, Reach Out, Refer and Recharge
31: Project ECHO: Helping Schools Help Students Return to Learn after Concussion
32: Telehealth Low Literacy Pictorial Asthma Action Plan Improves Asthma Control in Youth
33: Extending the Reach and Individualized Depth of Mental Health Treatment through Technology.
35: School-based telemedicine programs as a powerful model to improve equity and access to care
36: Suicide Prevention and Screening: A Partnership that Helps Save Lives
37: Acupressure for Management of Common Pediatric Symptoms in School Based Health Centers
38: Mindfulness and Self-care for School Based Health Center Staff and Adolescent Patients
39: Increasing the recommended preventive care bundle for children ages 0-14 months
40: Using Health Data to Impact Academic Achievement
41: School Health Partnerships in Rural Communities
42: Using Data and Sharing Stories to Enhance SBHC-School Collaboration
43: Introducing Fluid Groups: A Successful Intervention and Best Practice for School Based Behavioral Health Settings
44: From Awkward to Awesome: How to create a wrap-around approach to sexual health
45: “Screening Brief Intervention Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Utilization in Limited Resource SBHCs.”
46: Collaborating for Success and Sustainability: Implementing Seventeen Days in School Health
47: Alliance Building and Teamwork to Address Adolescent Substance Use
48: Preparedness of a School-Based Health Program to Implement SBIRT
49: Planting the Seeds: Empowering rural, underserved schoolchildren with nutrition education through telehealth
50: Medical-Legal Partnership: A Multidisciplinary Approach to School-Linked Health Centers
51: Just Health User Reports: Empowering Young People as Agents of their Health
52: Coordinating and Integrating Charter Schools Into A Mobile Dental Health Program
53: Tips and strategies for boosting enrollment consent rates in a SBHC