Advocacy Day

Welcome to Advocacy Day 2019!

This page will prepare you to participate in Advocacy Day— part of our 2019 National School-Based Health Care Convention—on Tuesday, June 25. Whether you’re an experienced advocate or a first-time visitor to a Congressional office, the tips and materials on this page will help you prepare for productive meetings with your Members of Congress.

Start by telling a compelling story, and you’ll leave representatives prepared to make a decision that benefits school-based health centers (SBHCs) and the children and adolescents who rely upon them.

Our priority legislative “ask” this year is for your Members of Congress to cosponsor the School-Based Health Centers Reauthorization Act (H.R.2075/S.1013), the bipartisan and bicameral bill that extends the School-Based Health Centers program authorization through 2024.

Download this factsheet for more information about the SBHC Reauthorization Act of 2019.

Want more information about how to advocate for school-based health centers? Please review this archived webinar, full of information to help you prepare for Hill Day.

Overview of the Day – Tuesday, June 25

  • 8:00am – 9:00am – state group check-in and rally (hotel)
  • Travel to Capitol Hill via Metro
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm Capitol Hill visits
  • Return to hotel – Convention resumes at 2:30pm

Why we advocate. Senators and Representatives rely on you to provide information about how school-based health care is working in your community. You are the expert; it’s your job as an advocate to represent the views of constituents at home and to persuade.

Glossary of Key Terms and ConceptsTips for Meetings Graphic AB
  • Advocacy versus lobbying: Advocacy is the active promotion of a cause or principle (such as through education) on a specific topic. Lobbying involves conducting activities aimed at influencing public officials regarding specific legislation.
  • Appropriations: A type of legislation that sets spending levels.
  • Authorization: A type of legislation that creates a program and, as such, allows federal funding. Authorizations may be annual, multi-year, or permanent. Expiring programs require reauthorization.
  • Congressional staff and their titles: Members of Congress are assisted by staff with varying levels of responsibility, including (in rough order of seniority) chiefs of staff; deputy chiefs of staff; legislative directors, legislative counsels, legislative assistants, legislative aide/legislative correspondent, and staff assistants.

Now let’s get to work planning your meeting!

State Captains

This year, our state affiliate leaders will serve as “state captains”. They will largely be in charge of scheduling visits with your Congressional delegation and making sure convention registrants from their states are informed about the visits.

State captains will be reaching out to their state’s convention attendees in the weeks leading up to Advocacy Day.

States without State Captains

If you’ve registered for the convention and are from a state that does not have an active School-Based Health Care Alliance chapter, you will be contacted by our policy staff, Brooke Lehmann and Megan Zuckerman who will assist in organizing your state attendees.

Outreach Week: May 20-24

In order to give Capitol Hill staffers plenty of advanced notice, we are designating the week of May 20 as the time period to contact staff in your Congressional delegation offices requesting meetings. If for some reason you are unable to take the time during that week to schedule your meetings, please do so as soon as you can.

Research the Representative or Senator

Learn about your members by visiting their official website; their biography, committee assignments, and caucuses reveal important information about the issues they care most about. Prioritize those Members on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions both of which have jurisdiction over SBHC policies. Make sure to read the section on health care and note their positions or concerns. You might learn that your representative is a former emergency room doctor, is married to a high school teacher, and is especially concerned about controlling the costs of asthma or improving identification of mental health problems—information you can use to persuade during your meeting.

Understand Who Is Part of Your Group

If more than one advocate is attending the meeting, it’s important to make sure that you have a well-coordinated plan for each meeting so you can maximize your time with each staffer. First, designate an individual to lead the meeting. This person will do introductions and will also share general information about the SBHC model and basic information about SBHCs in your state. If you have providers, administrators, youth, etc. in the room, we encourage you to pinpoint who will tell their story so you can leverage the different perspectives of your group.

Also consider designating someone to take notes (and perhaps a picture). You can certainly compare notes after the meetings, but it’s wise to have one person—perhaps a different person for each meeting—actively listen to and note what Congressional staff are saying. This scribe should also notice when the staffer(s) takes notes, which may represent what part of your presentation they are particularly interested in.

Please be sure to include the expected size of your group in your email to staff requesting a meeting. We recommend that no more than 4-5 people attend each meeting, as large groups can cause issues with room availability among other logistical challenges. However, if you have youth or simply aren’t comfortable splitting up, then be sure to inform the staff ahead of time!

Plan Your Meeting

Use this worksheet to help plan your meeting. Once filled out, this worksheet will be useful to have on hand to refer to during your meetings. Please also remember to bring business cards. It is common practice to share these cards at the beginning of each meeting so be prepared.


Remember, following up is just as important as the meeting itself. Your goal is to build an ongoing relationship with this office. You need to stay on their radar to compete with other interest groups and constituents vying for their attention.

After the visit, be sure to send a thank you note to the staff members at your meeting within a day or so. Confirm the details of your conversation (such as whether the member will consider co-sponsoring the SBHC Reauthorization bill). If you didn’t invite the staff or Member to visit an SBHC in your state/district during the meeting, this is a great time to do so. And, if you did extend an invitation, this is a great way to reiterate your offer. Add the staff to your e-newsletter and update them regularly on your local SBHC successes and news. Ensure you are a resource to your Congressional staff when they need information about the children and youth you serve!

Additional Resources

Scheduled Visits

We will be updating this table periodically as new meetings are scheduled.

If you schedule a visit, please click here to let us know and we will add it to the table below as soon as possible. 

StateState ContactMembers of CongressPoint of ContactTimeLocation
AlabamaAmanda WigginsSenator Shelby1pm
AlaskaBeth LebanRep Don Young (Jesse), Sen Lisa Murkowski (Anna) and Sen Dan Sullivan (Lindsay)one meeting was organized by Anna DietderichJoint meeting with all 3 staffers at 11:00amSen Murkowski's office - Hart Bldg. #522
ArkansasValerie DavenportBoozemanRyan Losak11:00 AM141 Hart Senate Office Building
ArkansasValerie DavenportSenator WomackGeoff Hemmpelmann
1:00 PM2412 Rayburn House Office Building
As far as I know at this time
ArkansasValerie DavenportRep CrawfordAshley Shelton10:00 AM2422 Rayburn House Office Building
As far as I know
ArkansasValerie DavenportRep HillAnna Wilbourn11:00 AM1533 Longworth
ArkansasValerie DavenportRep WestermanNicholas Lisowski10:30 AM209 Cannon House Office Building
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Mike ThompsonCrozer Connor11:30 AM406 Cannon
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Doris MatsuiChristina McCauley1:30 PM2311 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Jerry McNerneyJenna Valle-Riestra12:00 PM2265 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Mark DeSaulnierEthan Van Ness10:30 AM503 Cannon
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Nancy PelosiEllen Kurtzman10:00 AMH-232 The Capitol
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Jackie SpeierMia Mazer11:00 AM2465 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Adam SchiffAnthony Theissen10:30 AM2269 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Tony CárdenasJaqueline Serrano10:00 AM2438 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Grace NapolitanoJoseph Ciccone10:30 AM1610 Longworth
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Jimmy GomezCharlie Arnowitz11:00 AM1530 Longworth
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Lucille Roybal-AllardDebbie Jessup11:00 AM2083 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Maxine WatersKathleen Sengstock11:30 AM2221 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Nanette BarragánJoshua Izaak1:30 PM1030 Longworth
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Luis CorreaElizabeth Barrie1:00 PM1039 Longworth
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Scott PetersAnais Borja1:00 PM2338 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergSenator Dianne FeinsteinSerena Gobbi10:30 AM331 Hart
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergSenator Kamala HarrisKelsey Mellette11:00 AM112 Hart
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Barbara LeeVictor Yang6/26 9:15 AM2470 Rayburn
CaliforniaLisa EisenbergRep Josh HarderSarah Monteithl1:00 PM131 Cannon
ColoradoBridget BeattyRep Ken Buck (R)Janessa Lopez, Legislative Aide10:30am2455 Rayburn
ColoradoBridget BeattyRep Joe Neguse (D)Senior Legislative Aide/Deputy Press Secretary11:15am1419 Longworth
ColoradoBridget BeattyRep. Jason Crow (D)Congressman Crow (himself!) and staffer Santiago GonzalezJune 25 at 12:20pm1229 Longworth House Office Building
ColoradoBridget BeattyMegan Axelrod, leg. aide for Senator Cory Gardner (R)CASBHC staff (Amber McDonald, Dave LaRocca)June 25 at 11:30am354 Russell Senate Office Building
ColoradoFrancie WolginRep. Scott Tipton10:30am218 Cannon House Office Building
ColoradoFrancie WolginRep. Doug LambornTBD2371 Rayburn House Office Building
ColoradoFrancie WolginSen. Michael BennetTBD261 Russell Senate Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoRep Joe CourtneyAlexa Combelic12:00 PM2332 Rayburn House Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoRep Jahana HayesMaddy Daly1:30 PM1415 Longworth House Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoSenator Chris MurphyElizabeth Darnall1:00 PM136 Hart Senate Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoRep Jim HimesNicholas Larsen11:00 AM1227 Longworth House Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoRep John LarsonNancy Perry1:00 PM1501 Longworth House Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoRep Rosa DeLauroCaitlin Peruccio11am2413 Rayburn House Office Building
ConnecticutDaniela GiordanoSenator Richard BlumenthalAlison Council1:30pm706 Hart Senate Office Building
DelawareKathySenator Carper10:45am513 Hart
FloridaLaura BreyRep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12)Shayne G. Woods12:30 PM2227 Rayburn House Office Bldg
FloridaLaura BreySenator Marco RubioAnsley Rhyne10:00 AM284 Russell Senate Office Building
FloridaLaura BreyRep CastorJoicelynne Jackson11:00 AM2052 Rayburn Office Building
GeorgiaRuth EllisRep. David ScottLeo Rodriguez10:00amCannon House and Rayburn House
GeorgiaRuth EllisRep. Tom GravesKristin Fillingim1:30pmCannon House and Rayburn House
GeorgiaRuth EllisRep. Sanford BishopJonathan Halpern11:30amCannon House and Rayburn House
GeorgiaRuth EllisRep. Austin ScottMark Sanders12:00pmCannon House and Rayburn House
GeorgiaRuth EllisRep. John LewisTom Dorney3:00pmCannon House and Rayburn House
HawaiiMargo LalichSenator Hirono8:30-9:30amHart Senate Office Building 7th Fl Suite 722
HawaiiMargo LalichSenator Brian Schatz (meeting with staff)10:15amhis office
HawaiiMargo LalichRep Ed Case11-11:20am2443 Rayburn House Office Building
HawaiiMargo LalichCongresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (staff)11:30-12amLongworth House Office Building, 4th Fl. Rm 433
HawaiiMargo LalichRep Tulsi Gabbard's, LA and Healthcare Policy FellowPatrick11:30amLongworth, 433
HawaiiMargo LalichSenator HironoBlaine Nolan8:30am-9:30amHart, Suite 772
IllinoisKristen NuyenSenator DurbinMax Kanner1:30p.m.711 Hart
IllinoisKristen NuyenRep QuigleyNaomi Plasky10:00a.m., 2458 Rayburn
IllinoisKristen NuyenRep KrishnamoorthiHillary Caron10:30a.m.115 Cannon
IllinoisKristen NuyenRep KinzingerPaul Laurie11:00a.m.2245 Rayburn
IllinoisKristen NuyenRep SchneiderVic Goetz11:30a.m.1432 Longworth
IndianaTommy ReddicksRep. Susan BrooksMary Jo RattermannTuesday - 2PMHer office
IndianaTommy ReddicksMike Braun and Todd Young - IndianaHannah Thomas: Hannah_Thomas@young.senate.gov9:15AM Wednesday morningDirksen SD-G11
KansasRachel LumbSenator MoranKyle Christian11:30Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 521
KansasRachel LumbRep MarshallCharlotte Pineda10:30312 Cannon
LouisianaAdrienne HuvalSenator CassidyRobert ButoraJune 25 at 1pmOffice
LouisianaAdrienne HuvalRep Clay HigginsKelsey WolfgramJune 25 at 1 pmOffice
LouisianaAdrienne HuvalSenator CassidyCassie Leonard10:00 amRussel Senate office building
LouisianaAdrienne HuvalCedric RichmondJoseph LustigJune 25, 1:30pmoffice
MarylandPatryce ToyeJohn SarbanesKelly Moura12:30pm2370 Rayburn House Office Building
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneRep. Joe KennedyChristina Rankin12:30 pm304 Cannon
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneSenator Elizabeth WarrenAlex Davidson10 am309 Hart
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneRep. Seth MoultonOlivia Hussey12:30 pm1127 Longworth
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneRep Lori TrahanWoo Lim1:30 pm1617 Longworth
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneRep Richard NealLizzy O'Hara2 pm2309 Rayburn
MassachusettsAllison KilcoyneRep Jim McGovernDrea Shropshire11 am408 Cannon
MichiganRobin TurnerJack BergmanKelsey Fetzer
10:30am414 Cannon
MichiganRobin TurnerBill HuizengaLegislative Directors11:15amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerJustin AmashLegislative Directors10:00amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerJohn MoolenaarLegislative Directors1:00pmOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerFred UptonLegislative Directors10:30amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerElissa SlotkinLegislative Directors12:00pmOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerAndy LevinLegislative Directors1:00pmOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerHaley StevensLegislative Directors10:00amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerDebbie DingellLegislative Directors10:45amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerBrenda LawrenceLegislative Directors11:30amOffices
MichiganRobin TurnerSenator Stabenow8amSenate office
MichiganRobin TurnerSenator Peters8:30amSenate office
MinnesotaPaige?Senator Amy KlobucharKyle Maloney10:00425 Dirksen Senate Office Building
MinnesotaShawna?Rep Pete StauberJeff Bishop10:00126 Cannon House Office Building
MinnesotaBarb?Rep Tom EmmerCatherine Lenz10:30315 Cannon House Office Building
MinnesotaShawnaRep Angie CraigWill Mitchell11:151523 Longworth House Office Building
MinnesotaShawnaSenator Tina SmithKripa Sreepada12:30720 Hart Senate Office Building
MinnesotaBarbRep Ilhan OmarKelly Misselwitz1:001517 Longworth House Office Building
MinnesotaShawnaRep Betty McCollumPatrick Maillet2:002256 Rayburn House Office Building
MIssouriRachel BarthSen. BluntNick Seelinger11:00 am260 Russell Senate Office Building
MissouriRachel barthLacy ClayKaryn Long12 pmClay's office
MissouriRachel BarthEmanuel Cleaver IIKaryn Long1:00 PMOffice 2234, Rayburn House Office Building
MontanaJill SteelySenator Tester3pmHart 311
MontanaJill SteelySenator Daines11amHart 320
MontanaJill SteelyCongressman Gianforte1:20pmLongworth 1222
New JerseyDenise HajjarCongressman PayneShannon Casey10am103 Cannon
New JerseyDenise HajjarRep Josh GotheimerJennifer Mangano11am213 Cannon
New JerseyDenise HajjarSenator Corey Booker12:30pm717 Hart
New JerseyDenise HajjarRep Mikie SherrillMaggie Herman12:45pm1208 Longworth
New JerseyDenise HajjarRep Christopher SmithKelly Griswold1pm2373 Rayburn
New JerseyDenise HajjarSenator Bill PascrellCarrie Swope1:30pm2409 Rayburn
New MexicoKim StanekRep Deb HaalandYvesner Zamar9:30am1237 Longworth
New MexicoKim StanekRep LujanEmma Farrow10:30am2323 Rayburn House Office
New MexicoKim StanekRep Xochitl Torres SmallRachelle Holdridge11:30am303 Hart
New MexicoKim StanekSenator HeinrichAndrea Mares11am430 Cannon House
New MexicoKim StanekSenator UdallLauren AriasTBDTBD
New YorkJasmineGillibrand--10:30am478 Russell
New YorkJeffTonko11:30am
New YorkSahil ChaudharyEngel4pm
New YorkJessica BurnellHiggins1pm
North CarolinaCathy DeMasonMark WalkerCathy DeMason12:30Longworth House, Room 1725
North CarolinaCathy DeMason Senator BurrCathy DeMason11:00 amRussell, Room 217
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Bill Bode, Legislative Assistant for Senator Thom Tillisbill_bode@tillis.senate.gov10:00a113 Dirksen Senate Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Nora Blalock, Senior Legislative Assistant for Rep David Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Rachel Soclof, Health Policy Assistant for Senator Burrrachel_soclof@burr.senate.gov11:00a428 Dirksen Senate Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Krista Stafford, Senior Legislative Assistant for Rep Patrick Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Sean McCabe, Legislative Assistant for Rep Mark Longworth House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Chad Yelinski, Legislative Director for Rep Mark off packet - no meeting2160 Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Alex Vargo, Legislative Director for Rep Ted Shumate at 1:30p118 Cannon House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Preston Bell, Legislative Director for Rep Richard Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Jason Cooke, Legislative Director for Rep David Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Sarah Gilbert, Legislative Assistant for Rep George Longworth House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Carson Middleton, Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director for Rep Virginia Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Dennis Sills, Legislative Director for Rep G.K. Rayburn House Office Building
North CarolinaTammy Greenwell Kichelle Webster, Legislative Assistant for Rep Alma Rayburn House Office Building
North DakotaJacqueline TeskeyConnor Crowley / Rep Kelley ArmstrongConner Crowley10 AM1004 Longworth
OhioFrancie WolginSeth Gold (staff for Senator Portman)Seth Gold10 am 6/25Portman Office
OhioFrancie WolginMary KapturTBD1pmher office
OhioFrancie WolginRep. Brad Wenstrup (OH2)Greg Brooks Deputy Chief staff 7 Legislative Director2pmoffice
OhioFrancie WolginSenator Sherrod Brown staffAbby Duggan and Leah Hill10 amoffice
OhioFrancie WolginSteve Chabot OH1Erick Harris Legislative Counsel1pmRayburn 2408
OhioFrancie WolginMatthew Silver for Warren Davidson OH 8Matthew SilverJune 25 10 am1107 Longworth
OhioFrancie WolginErick Harris for Steve Chabot OH 1Erick HarrisJune 25 1 PMRayburn 2408
OhioFrancie WolginMarcy Kaptur OH9 Margaret McInnis Legislative AssistantMargaret McInnis Legislative AssistantJune 25 1pm2186 Rayburn 202-225-4146
OhioMarilyn CrumptonRobert Edward Latta11:00 AM2467 Rayburn
OhioFrancie Wolgin and Mary Kay IrwinJoyce Beatty11:00 AM2303 Rayburn
OhioFrancie WolginBill Johnson12:00 PM2336 Rayburn
OregonMaureen HinmanRep. Kurt PM2431 RHOB
OregonMaureen HinmanSenator MerkleyElvia Montoya10:00 AM313 Hart Senate
OregonMaureen HinmanSenator WydenRebecca Nathanson, Liam Vlaming11:00 AM221 Dirksen Senate Office Building
OregonMaureenRep. BonamiciJack Arriaga12:302231 Rayburn
OregonMaureen HinmanRep. BlumenaurMartha Cramer12 noon1111 Longworth House Office Building
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler EmigStephanie DeLuca with Senator CaseyStephanie DeLuca10:30am393 Russell Senate building
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler emigMatt Cartwright (PA-08)Rachel Cohen11:00am1034 Longworth House
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler EmigBrian Fitzpatrick (PA-01)Joseph Knowles11:301722 Longworth House
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler EmigMike Kelly (PA-16)kevin Dawson1:00pm1707 Longworth House
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler EmigBrendan F. Boyle (PA-02)Ted Steinberg1:30pm1133 Longworth HOB
PennsylvaniaJulie Cousler EmigMike Doyle (PA-18)Kate Werley2:00306 Cannon House
South CarolinaKatie HaleJeff DuncanMarimac Moore10:00 AM2229 Rayburn House Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleTim ScottAlaura Ervin10:00 AM104 Hart Senate Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleJim ClyburnHarshini Jayaram and Seth Ismail10:30 AM200 Cannon House Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleJoe CunninghamDavid Ogle11:00 AM423 Cannon House Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleWilliam TimmonsCameron Smith11:00 AM313 Cannon House Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleRalph NormanMeghan Holland1:00 PM319 Cannon House Office Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleLindsey GrahamNick Myers11:30 AM290 Russell Senate Building
South CarolinaKatie HaleJoe WilsonDrew Kennedy10:00AM1436 Longworth House Office Building
South DakotaSheila FreedSenator Thune10:30amTBD
South DakotaSheila FreedSenator Rounds Group10amTBD
VirginiaAudrey TrussellSenator KaineSasha Rauch-Kelly10:00 a.m.231 Russell Senate Office Building
WashingtonSandy LennonSen. Cantwell11amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonSen. Murray11:30amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep DelBene10amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Herrera Beutler10:30amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep McMorris Rodgers11:00amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Heck11:00amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Kilmer11:15amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Schrier11:30amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Larsen11:45amTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Jayapal1:00pmTBD
WashingtonSandy LennonRep Smith1:45pmTBD
West VirginiaJohn KennedySenator CapitoDana Richter11:30am172 Russell Senate Office Building
West VirginiaJohn KennedyCongresswoman MillerBronti Viskovich1:15pm1605 Longworth House Office Building

Social Media

We invite you to participate in social media during 2019 Advocacy Day. Please be sure to include our convention hashtag (#SBHC19) in all of your posts.

Advocacy Day Training (Convention Session D8)

“Advancing SBHC Policies in Today’s Climate”
Monday, June 24
Madison Room

This “policy 101” session will cover the fundamentals of how public policy is enacted and the opportunities for championing local, state, and federal policies that ensure all children will thrive. The presenters will brush up your current understanding of how our government functions, taking you beyond, “I’m just a bill…sitting here on Capitol Hill.” Veteran lobbyists will help increase your knowledge about the policy-making process and build your confidence to engage effectively in moving your organization’s priorities forward in a new and dynamic Congress.

Print Materials

Please be sure that your state leader or state meeting contact picks up hill visit folders for your state’s House and Senate meetings, prior to the Tuesday morning rally. Folders can be picked up at the convention registration table anytime on Monday.