2016 Session Materials

Sunday, June 26

Session: PC1
Title: Opening the Door to Undocumented Disparities: Using Technology to Identify and Explore the Intersection of Race and Sexual Minority Status on Risk and Behavioral Health
Session: PC2
Title: SBHC Business School – Strategies to Increase SBHC Utilization and Improve Efficiency
Session: PC3
Title: Mental Health First Aid: How Can I Help?
Session: PC4
Title: Intensive Training in an Evidence-based Intervention for Trauma-Exposed Youth: Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)

Monday, June 27

Session: PL1
Title: Radical Healing in Schools and Communities
Session: A1
Title: Co-located Mental Health is Not Enough: The What, Why, and How of School-based Integrated Health Care
Session: A2
Title: Ensuring Well Exams are Comprehensive: A State-Wide Initiative to Improve Preventive Care in SBHCs
Session: A3
Title: Collaborating with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs): Lessons learned from Building Partnerships in California and Illinois
Session: A4
Title: Patient Centered Care Strategies for Quality Improvement
Session: A5
Title: Concussion Management in a SBHC: a Collaborative Approach with the School
Session: A6
Title: It’s Not that Simple: Treating a Child with Trauma in a School-Based Health Setting
Session: A7
Title: Teens fight for Reproductive Services and WIN!
Session: A8
Title: Integrating Oral Health into Everyday Wellness at LA Unified School District
Session: B1
Title: Achieving Collective Impact Among SBHC Partners with Results-Based Accountability
Session: B2
Title: Oregon’s SBHC Alternative Payment Model Frontier
Session: B3
Title: Data for Advocacy: Learn About and Use School-Based Health Alliance’s State Policy Survey and 2013-14 Census Findings
Session: B4
Title: Better Together: How SBHCs can improve health outcomes for children and teens with Eating Disorders
Session: B5
Title: Sex Trafficking in Schools
Session: B6
Title: Springing Into Action: Using a Mental Health Quality Improvement Initiative to Facilitate Change in our Schools
Session: B7
Title: The Road Less Traveled: The Path to Sustainable Dental Care Models
Session: B8
Title: The Whole School? How to Make an All-School STI Screen Possible
Session: PL2
Title: A Culture of Health and Data: Where Do SBHCs Fit and Where Are Data Efforts Going?
Session: C1
Title: Demonstrating the impact of school health services: A collaboration of SBHCs and comprehensive school mental health systems
Session: C2
Title: Bridging the Data Divide: Establishing a Data Sharing Agreement among Schools, Health Department, and Medicaid to Improve Coordination, Targeted Outreach, and Service Delivery
Session: C3
Title: Hoof Beats Sometimes Do Mean Zebras IV
Session: C4
Title: Teaching Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills through Theater Games and Techniques
Session: C5
Title: Returning the Mouth to the Body: Integrating Oral Health and Primary Care in School-Based Health Centers.
Session: C6
Title: Implementing Innovative Approaches to Improving Oral Health in Schools
Session: C7
Title: Creating Trauma Informed Schools
Session: C8
Title: Ensuring Population Health in Schools

Tuesday, June 28

Session: PL3
Title: Panel Discussion: Going Beyond
Session: PL4
Title: Emerging Tobacco Products: Implications for Youth
Session: PL5
Title: Best Practices for Implementing Telemedicine: An Interactive Panel Discussion
Session: D1
Title: Looks Can Be Deceiving: Eliminating Bias in Substance Use Screening
Session: D2
Title: Smart Financing for School Health: Billing, Blending, and Building Systems
Session: D3
Title: Youth Outreach, Engagement and Empowerment
Session: D4
Title: Shared Decision Making in Asthma, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Care
Session: D5
Title: Diabetes in School: A Sweet Plan!
Session: D6
Title: It Takes A Village: Substance Abuse Screening for Adolescents
Session: D7
Title: Chronic absenteeism and school health: Understanding the critical connection between student attendance and health.
Session: D8
Title: Integrating oral health screening and fluoride varnish into a routine well child exam

Wednesday, June 29

Session: E1
Title: Transforming School-Based Health Centers into Adolescent-Centered Medical Homes
Session: E2
Title: National Qualitative Research Project Improves The Adolescent and Young Adult Male (AYAM) Well Care Visit
Session: E3
Title: Sustain Your Mission while Protecting Patient Privacy: Insurance Billing Shouldn’t “out” Your Patient and Cost You Money
Session: E4
Title: He is driving me crazy: What is new with ADHD?
Session: E5
Title: Mindfulness 101: An Introduction to Paying Attention on Purpose
Session: E6
Title: Universal screenings for substance use, depression and trauma: an integrated behavioral health model
Session: E7
Title: Tripartite Collaboration to Improve Student Oral Health in Chicago
Session: E8
Title: Youth Advisory Council Presentation
Session: F1
Title: Using Key Performance Measures to Position SBHCs for Health Care Transformation
Session: F2
Title: First encounter: Effective primary care provider strategies for working with youth who screen positive for depression in SBHC
Session: F3
Title: Addressing behavioral health needs of immigrant and refugee students: A psychological perspective
Session: F4
Title: Seal the Deal: Improving Access to School-Based Dental Sealant Programs
Session: F5
Title: Engaging Youth as Oral Health Advocates
Session: F6
Title: Asthma Environmental Interventions for School-Based Health Centers
Session: PL6
Title: Resilience in Action: Preparing Children and Adolescents to THRIVE