Stormee Williams, MD, FAAP


Dallas, TX
Stormee Williams, MD, FAAP, is a healthcare executive and leader within the area of school-based telemedicine.

Dr. Stormee Williams is the Vice President and Medical Director of Network Development and Innovation at Children’s Health System in Dallas, Texas. She began her career as a board-certified pediatrician in federally qualified and community health clinics serving underserved populations, first at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic, then with Parkland Hospital and Health System. During her career at Children’s Health, she has transformed the way children in Texas receive medical care through technology. She helped develop the fastest growing school-based telemedicine program in the country, expanding to close to 200 schools within north Texas. In her current role, she provides clinical oversight to the many virtual health programs within the health system and serves as the clinical leader within the Children’s Health Care Network, helping to foster alignment between the system and community providers. Dr. Williams also oversees the health equity department for the system and strives to diminish the many barriers, biases and disparities evident within health care. Described as a servant leader, Dr. Williams enjoys serving the community within the hospital and outside and hopes to continue her work to expand healthcare access to those who need it most.

Headshot: Stormee Williams, MD, FAAP