Audrey Gabriel

Peabody, MA

“There is no force greater than a generation of young people that recognizes that progress outweighs tradition.”

Audrey Gabriel is a third year member of the Youth Advisory Council and a junior at University of Massachusetts: Amherst. Majoring in Public Health and Microbiology, she is pursuing her studies on a pre-medical track with a concentration on racial injustice in healthcare and medicine. Audrey began her work in advocacy at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, where she was part of her school’s Youth Advisory Council, chairperson of the Student Advisory Committee, and held office as Class President and Secretary. Today, she continues her work at her university as a Senator in the Student Government Association, sitting on the Social Justice and Empowerment Committee, representing her class of over 5,800 students. She aspires to connect her love of science and medicine with her passion for social justice and advocacy in order to bridge the gaps of social inequality, in her academic career and extracurricular endeavors.

Headshot: Audrey Gabriel