National School-Based Health Care Census

Data collection has finished for the 2016-17 National School-Based Health Care Census. Thanks to all of you who participated!

The School-Based Health Alliance conducts a triennial national survey of school-based, school-linked, mobile health, and telehealth programs called the National Census of School-Based Health Centers (SBHC).

Our 2013-14 Census of SBHCs showed there are currently 2,315 SBHCs that serve students and communities in 49 of 50 states and the District of Columbia. The number of SBHCs nationally grew 20% since the 2010-11 Census, with 385 new programs recognized in our database.

We have conducted the census since 1998. Prior to the Alliance, data collection efforts were led by the Center for Population Options (now Advocates for Youth) and the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools.

This online survey provides the school-based health field with accurate, up-to-date data about SBHC demographics, staffing, services, utilization, financing, prevention activities, and clinical policies.

2013-14 Census Report of School-Based Health Centers

2013-14 Census Map

This census report highlights findings from our 2013-14 Census of SBHCs, completed by 82 percent of the field. Learn about the growth of SBHCs nationwide and how they provide access to a variety of comprehensive health services, including adolescent-centered care. SBHCs are integrated into health care systems through community partnerships, have sustainable business models, and high standards for accountability.

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The School-Based Health Alliance maintains a “master SBHC database” based on information from our state affiliates, state government offices, our membership, and annual convention registration. We update this database continuously when we learn about new and closed SBHCs.

Download a PDF with more information about the methodology of the 2013-14 Census of SBHCs, including data tables.

Read more about the census methodology.
Master SBHC Database: The School-Based Health Alliance has maintained a “master database” of SBHCs since 1998, when it took over the census from the Center for Population Options. This database was initially compiled by the Center for Population Options and has been updated regularly by the School-Based Health Alliance based on information from the following sources:

  • State affiliate rosters: There are 19 state affiliates and six emerging state affiliates nationwide. These organizations maintain lists of SBHCs in their states, many of which receive direct state funding. Updated lists are provided to the School-Based Health Alliance annually.
  • State government office rosters: There are 18 states that provide funding to SBHCs. These offices also maintain lists of the SBHCs they support in their states. Updated lists are provided to the School-Based Health Alliance every three years before the census is launched to the field.
  • School-Based Health Alliance membership: The Alliance has approximately 200 organizational and 180 individual members. Members are asked for contact information on their respective SBHCs.
  • Annual convention registration: Every three years at our annual convention, we ask participants to update the contact information for the individual responsible for completing the census for their health center program.

The master database is updated continuously based on the following procedures:

Ongoing identification of new and closed SBHCs: We identify the opening and closure of SBHCs through relationships with our state affiliates, state government offices who fund SBHCs, our members, and daily perusal of news articles published online about SBHCs. As we learn of new or closed programs, we update our database.

Prior to launching the census: Six months before we launch the census, we reach out to the 25 states with state affiliate or emerging state affiliate offices and ask them for an updated list of all of the SBHCs in their states and contact information for representatives from each of the sites. We also reach out to the state government offices that fund SBHCs and ask for a list of all of the SBHCs in their states and contact information for representatives from each of the sites. In states where we do not have state affiliates or state government contacts, we reach out to representatives from the sponsoring organizations that completed the previous census and ask for updated contact information.

After we’ve launch the census: About three months after we’ve launched the census, we reach out to all of the sites individually who have not started the census to confirm whether or not they are open or closed, update our contact information, and ask that they complete the survey. Through this outreach we also identify new programs that are not in our database.

Data Sharing Policies and Procedures

The School-Based Health Alliance is committed to sharing census data as a resource to diverse audiences; however, we do not share lists of SBHCs or their contact information.

  • We share census data with state affiliates and state programs offices in states where 60 percent or more SBHCs complete the survey
  • We share data with researchers when they submit a formal request for data
  • We do not share lists of SBHCs or their contact information