2018 National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month


Giving Students the Mental Health Care They Deserve

Every February, the school-based health care community celebrates National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month—an opportunity to recognize our success and raise awareness about how school-based health centers (SBHCs) are revolutionizing the way children and adolescents access health care services.

This year, we want to tap into a topic that’s already front-of-mind for many Americans. In light of the increasing need for mental health services for children and youth in the wake of our nation’s opioid crisis, we want to consider this question:

How are SBHCs uniquely suited to provide care to the kids and teens whose lives are most affected by the opioid epidemic?

The month will also touch on how SBHCs are helping add critical capacity to rural communities through innovations such as telehealth. We hope that celebrating awareness month offers you tremendous opportunities to educate national, state, and local policymakers about the importance of school-based health and the strong support it has in their community/state. Many of your policymakers are new and know very little to nothing about school-based health, its benefits, or funding streams–so make sure you use this observance to tell them stories, highlight your data, and organize an SBHC tour.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be hosting two Congressional briefings on February 28 here in Washington, DC! Head to www.sbh4all.org/briefing for more information and to register. 

Are you a member of the Alliance or one of our state affiliates? Or a student, teacher, parent, or school-based health center staff member?

Click the corresponding graphic below for info on how YOU can help us make awareness month a smashing success.

Awareness Month Twitter Chat

The hashtag for the 2018 Awareness Month is #SBHCmonth18. Starting at 2:00pm Eastern on Tuesday, February 20, the Alliance will host a Twitter chat titled “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies: SBHCs and Child/Adolescent Health” and we’d LOVE your participation.If you plan to participate, please email Anna Burns (aburns@sbh4all.org) and she’ll be happy to send you the chat questions and sample responses in advance. Download the graphic above to use in your Twitter chat promotion!

And thanks to you, last year’s #SBHCmonth17 Twitter chat fostered 1,823 tweets from 261 individual participants about the value of school-based health care and garnered over 4.2 million impressions on Twitter. Please access the executive summary of last year’s Twitter chat here.

What’s Your SBHC Story?

We want to hear from you! What are you doing for awareness month? Email your story to Anna Burns (aburns@sbh4all.org) and don’t forget to include pictures! With your permission, we’ll use your story for future blogs and social media posts.

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