School-Based Vaccines and Immunizations

Routine Childhood Vaccines and Immunizations

The COVID-19 pandemic put our children’s lives at risk in unexpected ways. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) notes significant declines in childhood vaccinations. As vaccination rates fall behind, the risk for illness rises. Public vaccination rates fall behind private administration uptake, demonstrating significant inequality between private and publicly insured. School-based health centers (SBHCs) and other school-based health care programs serve some of the most vulnerable patients, reducing barriers such as cost and lack of insurance. By administering vaccinations to adolescents, school-based health care can further increase access to care, particularly for adolescents from families most in need. Too many children experience persistent disparities in health care access, quality, and outcomes.


School-Based Covid-19 Vaccination

Essential to school-aged children and the health of our nation is administering adolescent COVID-19 vaccines– and soon to come–vaccinations for all ages. Vaccinating adolescents is a national priority, and school-based health care plays a critical role in this goal.

Resources for administering adolescent COVID-19 vaccines at schools:

Examples and Resources from the SBHC Field

As part of SBHA’s continued vaccine efforts to support and lift up the vaccine administration work of school-based health care. We continuously collect resources from the field. Do you have strategies to advance child and adolescent vaccinations and resources to share? If so, e-mail them to for consideration. The following are examples and resources already shared by your peers that you can adapt. Please give the resource developers credit, “e.g., Adapted from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio.”

Resources from school-based healthcare field:

Ideas you can try

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