Step One: Establish a Quality Improvement Team

Quality improvement is a team sport. Encourage all SBH staff members to get involved in the process. Each QI team should include:

Team Leader: This person oversees data collection and assures that changes are tested. He or she should have some experience in QI and be committed to the process. This person should be able to facilitate meetings and resolve conflicts.

Clinical Providers: Clinical providers are the content experts for your measures. To avoid burnout, if possible, engage multiple providers who can share responsibilities. The providers should have a good working relationship with their colleagues and be interested in driving change with the team leader.

Data Lead: Data are critical to the success of any QI effort. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Much of the data will come from your electronic health record (EHR). It’s also likely that some improvement changes will use features of your EHR. It’s vital that this team member knows the EHR system and is able to extract data effortlessly. This person is responsible for reporting data for your team.

Technical Experts: Technical experts understand SBH care processes, so this is often the nurse or medical assistant. These team members should have good working relationships with their colleagues and be interested in driving change. For this position, consider individuals who aren’t afraid to innovate and who are problem-solvers.

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