Stretch Measures

The school-based health care (SBHC) field selected two stretch measures for the field in addition to the core performance measures. We call them stretch measures because they do not align with national child quality measurement framework definitions — they help us demonstrate the uniqueness and value-add of the SBHC model to healthcare and education systems. The two stretch measures are:

1. Classroom Seat Time Saved

SBHC programs can help minimize school tardiness, absences, and early dismissals by providing needed health services on or near school campuses. “Seat time” refers to the time that students are actually in their classrooms.

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Measuring seat time in relationship to using an SBHC program provides compelling data demonstrating the value of the model to educators and other stakeholders.

The Alliance developed a comprehensive guide for documenting and reporting seat time. During the 2017-18 school year, we will post this guide on this website and invite all SBHC programs to participate in reporting “seat time.”


2. Client Experience of Care

Documenting clients’ “experience of care” is a way for healthcare providers to gather information from their patients about the care they receive. This information is essential to providing high quality, patient-centered care.

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In partnership with SBHC stakeholders in Colorado and New York, the Alliance developed a brief, anonymous survey that SBHC programs can use to understand their clients’ experiences of care. It captures clients’ perceptions of confidentiality, satisfaction, accessibility, and provider communication. SBHC programs can add questions to the survey as needed.

During the 2017-18 school year, we will make the Client Experience of Care Survey available to SBHC programs that are interested in administering it.

We will invite SBHC programs to share data collected on the stretch measures with the Alliance so that we can tell the story of SBHC clients’ experiences and classroom seat time saved on a national level.
Stay tuned for more information soon!