Why Quality Counts

What does this initiative make possible?

If school-based health centers (SBHCs) can align priorities and voluntarily collect data in a standardized way, the School-Based Health Alliance will be able to describe the quality of care being delivered in SBHCs at the national level, which is paramount to the sustainability of the model.

By reporting standardized data to the School-Based Health Alliance, SBHCs will be able to compare themselves at local, state, and national levels and assess their strengths and areas for improvement.

By investing time in assessing our data and identifying ways to improve practices, the quality of care that children receive in SBHCs will improve. Furthermore, demonstrating our collective impact can help to expand our field to provide necessary health care for even more of the nation’s youth.

Hear perspectives from leaders in the school-based health care field about the importance of  national adoption of standardized performance measures.