We are committed to helping the school-based health care (SBHC) field improve both the quality of their clinical care and their population health and wellness efforts throughout the school. In order to achieve those ends, the School-Based Health Alliance has developed a collection of resources designed to help clinicians and administrators provide quality health care to students at their school and build sustainable SBHC programs.

In this Section

The Hallways to Health Toolkit:  Increase your health center’s impact by creating a schoolwide culture of wellness. For more than four years, 13 SBHCs engaged with the Alliance to design innovative population approaches that would extend health beyond the clinic walls and into the school hallways, classrooms, and campus spaces. This toolkit captures the lessons from this seminal experiment: the best-in-class tools, resources, practices, stories and inspiration to implement school- wide wellness strategies are all here.

The SBHC Cost Analysis Tool: Based on four years of experience with the Hallways to Health model, this online toolkit emboldens the school health field to adopt population-level, school-wide health and wellness initiatives.