Quality Improvement 101, Part 3: Moving Toward Better Patient Care via QI Team Meetings


  • Hunter Gatewood, MSW, LCSW, Signal Key Consulting, San Diego, CA

We conclude our three-part summary of the methods of primary care quality improvement with a discussion of the engine of any productive project: a well-run, regular team meeting. You will eavesdrop on a QI project team doing clever work to improve their rates on key child health population indicators (like annual well visits or healthy weight screening). You will see how PDSA rapid testing cycles (part 1) and the focus on improving the processes of care (part 2) come together with performance measurement and the rhythm of a team project to reach new levels of performance. We will also circle back to the ideal state of clinic work: a culture of quality where each person is an expert in his or her work and everyone is focused on providing better care for their patients. Please download the webinar handouts here: QI Team Meeting Agenda, PDSA Form, and Q&A Document.

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