Quality Improvement 101, Part 2: Improving Team Performance Through Processes


  • Hunter Gatewood, MSW, LCSW, Signal Key Consulting, San Diego, CA

Improving performance requires systems thinking, which means seeing your work as a group of interwoven processes. What processes can we work on to give us the results we want?  What is the best way to understand a current process and improve it? How does a systems-level focus on processes help you see your work at the population level instead of focusing on each visit as if it were totally unique? This webinar—part 2 in a three-part series (register for part 1 and part 3 here)—answers these questions within the context of quality improvement and project work and will connect to the process focus from our first webinar’s discussion of PDSA cycles. We use real-life examples from primary care sites as they work on key improvement measures for child and adolescent health.

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How to Draw a Process Map