Join CCHP and its expert panel to discuss how telehealth is being integrated into school health. Attendees will hear how two state Medicaid programs approach the use of telehealth to provide services and what it means to have a school-based health program versus allowing required services to be covered when delivered via telehealth. This webinar series is FREE of charge for all who wish to attend and each session will be closed captioned.

Date: Friday, June 3, 2022 | 11:00 AM -12:30 PM PT

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  1. Christie Guinn
    NAME Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, Deputy Bureau Chief, Exempt Services & Program Bureau, Medical Assistance Division
    New Mexico Human Services Department
  2. Meredith Schram, MHA
    Health Systems Administrator, Bureau of Health Plan Policy
    Ohio Department of Medicaid
  3. Andrea Shore, MPH
    Chief Program Officer
    School-Based Health Alliance
  4. Nichole Small, MBA
    Section Chief, Policy Management & Development
    Ohio Department of Medicaid
  5. Melanie Wilde-Lane
    Executive Director
    Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers