Hallways to Health Webinar Series: Part 3 – Assessing the Conditions for Wellness and Planning Action


  • Jordanna Snyder, MPH, CHES, Program Manager, School-Based Health Alliance, Washington, DC

This webinar describes the benefits of conducting school-wide needs assessments. Jordanna Snyder provides lessons from the Hallways to Health sites on the roles of school-based health centers (SBHCs) in advocating for and using school-wide data to inform and design school-wide wellness approaches. She also provides an action plan template and suggests school-wide strategies for obesity prevention, social and emotional health, and school employee wellness. Participants will hear from a Hallways to Health leader about collecting school-wide data. Participants will identify benefits of conducting school-wide needs assessments, identify possible tools, and identify one school-wide approach to “try on.”

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Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools supported the development of this resource as part of its national effort to improve the health of students, staff, and teachers in K-12 schools in four key areas: healthy eating, active living, school employee wellness, and social and emotional wellness.