Hallways to Health Webinar Series: Part 2 – Building a Team and Engaging Your Partners


  • Jordanna Snyder, MPH, CHES, Program Manager, School-Based Health Alliance, Washington, DC
  • Sara Trivette, PA-C, CHES, Turner Elementary School-Based Health Center, Albany, GA

This webinar describes the benefits and process of creating a school-wide wellness team to achieve a vision for school-wide wellness. Sara discusses what it took to create a school wellness team and to re-establish a district-wide wellness committee. She highlights the positive and lasting impacts of the teams. Jordanna discusses strategies from Hallways to Health sites to engage school partners, parents, youth, and community-based organizations and businesses. She provides and explains tools to identify and engage partners. Participants will be able to identify three individuals to include on school-wide wellness teams and will be able to list two ways to engage partner groups in school-wide wellness efforts.

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Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools supported the development of this resource as part of its national effort to improve the health of students, staff, and teachers in K-12 schools in four key areas: healthy eating, active living, school employee wellness, and social and emotional wellness.