Providing Access to Vision Care for Students: A 3-tiered Approach


  • Lisa Curcuruto, School Based Vision Centers, OneSight, Mason, OH

Eighty-percent of learning is visual; yet 1 in 4 students has an undetected vision problem. Children with poor visual skills may struggle to read, have short attentions, perform poorly in sports, develop low self-esteem, and have doors closed to many future careers because of their visual acuity.

In many areas across the US, students do not have access to vision care. This typically comes from lack of doctors supporting Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP insurance plans, uninsured or undocumented students, or simply distance to a provider. As schoolteachers, nurses, parents, guardians, and friends, we need to close that gap.

This webinar equips you with the tools and opportunities you have to close this gap in your communities. Whether through charitable clinics, voucher programs, or sustainable school based vision care options, there is a solution for your area.