Press Release: School-Based Health Alliance Celebrates Coordinators Appreciation Week

September 20, 2021—Washington, D.C.— September 20 through 24 marks the fifth annual Coordinators Appreciation Week (CAW) 2021. To mark the occasion, the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) and the Coalition for Community Schools, and the School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) encourage organizations to pay tribute to the hard-working heroes behind Community Schools: The Coordinators.

The Community School movement – now more than 5,000 schools in the U.S. and internationally – relies on these Coordinators to build a successful bridge between school and community. In the face of COVID-19, Coordinators continue to advance the values of equity, democracy, and harmony every day on the frontlines.

SBHA, IEL, and the Coalition for Community Schools encourage you to share your Coordinator stories via #CoordinatorsRock.

“Community Schools represent the future of achieving equity through healthcare and education in neglected and disadvantaged communities,” says Robert Boyd, CEO of SBHA. “Community School Coordinators are vital to linking families with school-based health resources.”

Some ideas for recognition include daily shout-outs to Coordinators on social media, gifting a card or certificate of appreciation to Coordinators, or asking local elected officials to recognize community Coordinators for their hard work.  

For more ideas, download the CAW toolkit at

To learn more about SBHA’s initiatives and community events for CAW, visit Or to learn more about the Community School Movement and CAW, visit  


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