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The School-Based Health Alliance (SBHA) officially launches the new National Survey of School-Based Health Centers TODAY! The National Survey* amplifies the voices of school-based health centers (SBHCs) nationwide, telling the story of the pandemic’s impact on children’s health and well-being. The National Survey collects national SBHC data by asking SBHCs to update their profile regarding current SBHC delivery models, funding sources, and staffing. We are excited to feature Quality Counts in the second part of this survey for National Performance Measure reporting. This vital information paints a landscape of the experiences of every child served by an SBHC, from a busy city to a rural town, and how SBHCs can transform lives. The results will be actionable to all states to advocate for MORE and BETTER healthcare in schools for ALL students!

We need all SBHCs** to complete the National Survey and Quality Counts (National Performance Measures) so that we can come back to in-person care EVEN STRONGER THAN BEFORE. Respondents can complete the short National Survey and Quality Counts seamlessly all in one link! We know the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made SBHC operations difficult — it is okay if your SBHCs provided services to fewer students than usual. It’s an important story to tell.

The deadline to provide your responses to the National Survey and Quality Counts is July 31st.  

  • The FIRST 100 sponsors that complete the National Survey and Quality Counts will receive a $30 Amazon gift card!
  • ALL SBHCs** that completely fill out the National Survey and Quality Counts*** have a chance to win either a $1000, $500, or $250 prize from a random drawing.
  • SBHA will provide a complimentary state-level summary report of survey data this fall to SBHCs in states where 70% or more sponsors completed the National Survey before the deadline.
  • SBHCs that complete Quality Counts will have access to the National Quality Initiative reporting center for reports comparing data year-to-year and to state and national averages.

Ready to complete our short survey?

Click Here to Start! 

We greatly appreciate your valuable contributions to the health of children. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you.

*The National Survey is replacing the previous Census that collected nationwide data on SBHCs. This is an updated, abbreviated version asking only the essential questions.

**SBHCs in CA, CO, MO, or NM should follow local guidance. You do not have to complete this survey! We will enter SBHCs that follow local protocols in the random drawing.

***With at least one valid National Performance Measure.

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