Blog: Adolescent Sexual/Reproductive Health Pre-Conference Sessions

Don’t Miss this Pre-Conference Opportunity: Addressing Adolescent STI’s, PrEP, LARCS, Contraceptive Counseling, and How to Insert IUDs

By Andrea Shore, Director of Programs

Are you a primary care clinician who works with adolescents? Need to brush up on your clinical knowledge and skills in adolescent sexual and reproductive health? If so, are you interested in an opportunity to learn new content?

We’ve got just the thing. Join us for part or all of our adolescent sexual health pre-conference series at the 2019 National School-Based Health Care Convention on Sunday, June 23.

Here are all the details:

Part I: Practical Skills needed to address STI’s, PrEP, and LARCs

As a trusted resource for your youth patients, you have the opportunity to coach them as they learn to make smart sexual and reproductive health decisions. In this first session, you’ll learn key evidence-based guidelines and strategies and practice your skills in the following topics: adolescent sexual history taking; screening, treatment, and prevention of STIs; pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and leveraging the use of PrEP in key adolescent populations at-risk for HIV; clinical updates on IUDs and implants; and adolescent-centered contraceptive counseling techniques.

Part II: Adolescent Contraceptive Counseling Practicum

To integrate LARCs into your SBHC practice, patient-centered counseling is essential and can prevent coercion and help you build trust with historically marginalized communities. In addition, patient-centered counseling has been shown to improve patient outcomes—including adherence and trust within the patient-provider relationship. Effective counseling requires evidenced-based knowledge about LARCs that you can share within a patient’s framework of contraceptive priorities and goals. Using a Reproductive Justice Framework, presenters in this session will teach you how to use counseling and motivational interviewing techniques to support your patients’ contraceptive decision-making.

Part III: IUD Insertion Practicum

Our third pre-conference session includes hands-on practice in IUD placement for LARCs. You will practice pelvic exams using a pelvic model, speculum insertion, and insertion and deployment of standard IUD devices. You will also pick up valuable tips on how to handle difficult placements and potential complications via a case-based discussion.

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