2018 Annual Convention: a Taste of What’s to Come

By Andrea Shore, Director of Programs

What do student health advocates, primary care clinicians, and mental health professionals have in common with medical-legal partnerships, telehealth, and oral health? They are all part of the 2018 National School-Based Health Care Convention!

This year’s wide-ranging workshops reflect the commitment that school-based health care professionals have to helping all children and adolescents thrive. Expert presenters will help attendees create the kinds of conditions that transform schools into hubs of wellness.

Medical-legal partnerships (MLPs) represent the cutting edge of school-based health care. One of our 2018 workshops will feature presenters from two MLPs that operate as part of school-based health care services. Workshop participants will learn how clinical staff can connect patients and their families with legal advocates who can to take on social and environmental conditions that damage health. Experts will share how to conduct effective intake procedures, as well as overcome barriers to providing legal services to adolescents. Everyone in the workshop will walk away with concrete strategies to create a medical-legal partnership.

With telehealth occupying an increasingly important opportunity in school health, we’ll offer numerous workshops on this emerging health care strategy. One workshop will take participants on a journey through the Virtual Dental Home (VDH), a system developed and tested in a six-year proof-of-concept demonstration. Not only will workshop attendees learn about the program, they’ll also study the needed policy environment and how similar systems could work in various states.

Opioid use disorder (OUD) and the spreading epidemic are a top priority for the health care and public health sectors.

There is some good news: early experimentation with adolescent treatment programs in SBHCs is yielding promising results! Presenters of one OUD workshop will share the successes of their adolescent treatment program at a federally qualified health center and their efforts to link and replicate the services in two SBHCs. Small groups will apply catalytic thinking to identify what an integrated OUD treatment program would make possible for their own SBHCs and communities. Workshop presenters will review the interdisciplinary approach of providing either buprenorphine or injectable naltrexone combined with behavioral health services in a primary care setting. Participants will even learn clinical pearls in harm reduction, medication assisted treatment, behavioral health care, and restorative justice practices.

These workshops are just a small sample of the many inspiring conversations taking place in Indianapolis at the 2018 National School-Based Health Care Convention. Join us. We promise to fuel your growth in confidence, competence and vision.


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