Teen Speak is a How-To Guide for Talking to Teens about Risky Behaviors

Teen SpeakDr. Jennifer Salerno has learned a lot about connecting with teens through her clinical work as a nurse practitioner in school-based health centers (SBHCs). She’s created trainings and online content to help professionals talk to teens and help them make healthier decisions. And, after her trainings, she kept hearing a consistent piece of feedback: this will help me with my own kids!

There’s not a lot out there for parents

While there are many books on parenting, there hasn’t been a guide to navigate parents through common scenarios and help them build relationships with their teenagers. Teen Speak—which was released on September 6—is filling that gap by providing a road map to start conversations with teens. Sprinkled throughout the book are real-world examples and sample responses to common that can help support positive change and safer decision-making.

Dr. Salerno uses motivational interviewing—a technique that focuses on getting teens to talk through and explore their reasons for and against a behavior rather than lecturing—to help parents talk to their teens about a range of topics, from managing their time to having a healthy relationship.

A resource for school-based health providers

School-based health providers want to connect with their patients and, fortunately, various strategies presented in Teen Speak apply in a clinical setting. Providers may also find this book a valuable one to recommend to parents who have trouble communicating with their children.

“We’re good at picking out what teens are doing wrong versus the strengths we see in their actions and personality. By focusing on their strengths, we can help teens develop self-efficacy and be safer.”
-Jennifer Salerno

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