Webinar: Engaging Parents in Your SBHC

webinar_pic“Mom knows best.”

This old adage has stuck around for a reason: from birth, kids and teens are taught to follow their parents’ lead. Society has long realized that if we want healthy children and adolescents, we must start by encouraging their parents and guardians to prioritize health. These adults have a unique ability to shape healthy behavior in their kids. It’s no doubt that recognizing them as vital participants in their child’s wellbeing is a pillar of the school-based health center (SBHC) model. In practice, though, parental outreach often gets pushed to the backburner.

Our friends at the Annie E. Casey Foundation will host a webinar entitled “How Your School or Nonprofit Can Better Engage Parents” on Tuesday, August 9 – and we think you’ll enjoy it. As the foundation says, “Parents have the greatest stake in their children’s wellbeing and are invaluable partners for organizations striving to improve the lives of kids and families.”

School-based health centers absolutely strive to improve the lives of kids and families, and so we encourage you to spend a little more time encouraging parent participation. Your students and their families will thank you.

Register for the webinar on the Anne E. Casey Foundation website.


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