National School-Based Health Center Asthma Learning Collaborative


Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP) is a project of the Public Health Institute to reduce the burden of asthma through a broad and comprehensive approach ranging from clinical management to environmental protection. RAMP is working in partnership with the California School-Based Health Alliance and the School-Based Health Alliance to support school-based health centers (SBHCs) in incorporating asthma environmental interventions into their services.

Research shows that SBHCs are already leaders in the clinical management of asthma. SBHC clients are: less likely to go to the emergency department or be hospitalized due to asthma; less likely to have asthma-related restricted activity days; and less likely to miss school as a result of asthma. We believe that SBHCs are uniquely positioned to also be leaders in the environmental management of asthma given their close connection to families, schools and communities.

For the past four years, with funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency and support from the national School-Based Health Alliance, Regional Asthma Management & Prevention (RAMP) and the California School-Based Health Alliance have been working to build the capacity of SBHCs to implement environmental interventions. We began our work by developing the Asthma Environmental Intervention Guide for School-Based Health Centers. We then conducted a learning collaborative in California followed by two national learning collaboratives, in which SBHCs receive stipends, technical assistance and peer learning support as they engage in environmental interventions. We’ve highlighted many of their success stories in a series of case studies.

Through this process, we have identified a number of best practices and are applying our lessons learned to a new two-year learning collaborative. We received over thirty strong applications and are happy to announce the eight school-based health centers that will participate in the learning collaborative:

  • Coronado Health and Wellness Center–Richmond CA
  • Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center’s Worcester-Based SBHCs– Worcester, MA
  • Hawaii Keiki– Kealakekua, HI
  • McKean SBHC– Wilmington, DE
  • Outpatient Medical Center, Inc, Natchitoches SBHC– Natchitoches, LA
  • SBHC at Anacostia Senior High School– Washington, DC
  • Whitney Young Health SBHC at Giffen– Albany, NY

We look forward to working with these SBHCs and to sharing with you even more success stories!


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