[expand title=”Who is participating in the census?” tag=”h6″]
Every school-based or school-linked health center, mobile health, and telemedicine program (tSBHCs) in the US and its territories will be asked to participate in the Census.

[expand title=”What information is the 2016-17 census collecting?” tag=”h6″]
The 2016-17 Census requests that you share the following information:

• A school-based health care program’s sponsoring/administrative organization(s);
• Hours of operation;
• Populations eligible to use the school-based health care programs;
• Schools served by the school-based health care programs;
• School-based health care program’s staffing, services, policies, and electronic health record (EHR) use;
• Funding sources; and
• Client and visit data.

A printed copy of the Census is available for download and can help respondents prepare for the Census ahead of time.

[expand title=”What time period is the 2016-17 census asking us to report?” tag=”h6″]
The Census asks school-based health care programs to report data from the 2016-17 school year.

[expand title=”What if my school-based health care program opened during the 2016-17 school year?” tag=”h6″]
Please complete the Census if your program was open at any point during the 2016-17 school year.

[expand title=”Who should complete the census?” tag=”h6″]
The Census should be completed by the person who is most knowledgeable about the care delivered by the school-based health care program. This person may be a health care program director, manager, administrator, provider/clinician, or an administrative staff member.

[expand title=”Why does the online portal ask me to log in?” tag=”h6″]
It is recommended that respondents “log-in” to the online portal; however, this is not required. If you log-in, you will have access to questions with pre-populated answers, such as your name, address, and contact information for each school-based health program; and contact information for the lead sponsoring/administrative agency. Pre-populated, drop-down menus are also included throughout the Census to significantly speed up the survey completion process.

[expand title=”How do I log in to the online portal?” tag=”h6″]

Please login into our website to complete the survey. This precaution will help us to ensure that your data are kept secure and confidential.

In order to protect your data, we will confirm your affiliation with a participating school-based health care program. We recommend using your work email address to register in order to make the confirmation process more efficient. It may take the School-Based Health Alliance up to 24 hours to process your registration. In the meantime, feel free to download the survey questions and begin collecting the information that will help you complete the survey.

[expand title=”How long will it take to complete the census?” tag=”h6″]
The 2016-17 Census is dramatically shorter and easier to complete than prior surveys. It includes 22 questions and should take a school-based health care program no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

[expand title=”How will the data be used and how is confidentiality protected?” tag=”h6″]
The School-Based Health Alliance and those it serves use the Census data to advocate for local, state, and national policy initiatives, as well as to provide targeted technical assistance to the field. The locations of school-based health care programs will also be uploaded to the Children’s Health and Education Mapping Tool. The Alliance will maintain the confidentiality of responses. Results from this survey will be published in such a way that individual survey respondents and individual sites cannot be identified, unless you elect to share a story highlighting your program in the last section of the survey and give the Alliance permission to share your program’s name.

[expand title=”What do I receive for completing the census?” tag=”h6″]
All school-based health care programs completing the 2016-17 Census will receive: a free copy of the School-Based Health Alliance 2016-17 Census Report and a tip sheet on how to use the data to improve advocacy and outreach efforts.

[expand title=”How does the School-Based Health Alliance maintain and update the registry of school-based health care programs?” tag=”h6″]
The School-Based Health Alliance maintains a registry of programs based on information from our state affiliates and membership, state government offices, annual convention registration, and previous Census administrations. We update this database continuously when we learn about new and closed programs.

[expand title=”What is the methodology for the census??” tag=”h6″]
View more information about the methodology of the 2016-17 Census.

[expand title=”Who do I contact if I need help completing the census?” tag=”h6″]
For questions about completing the 2016-17 Census or support, contact census@sbh4all.org.