SBHC Story: Trauma-Informed Care in Connecticut

This story comes from a submission to our #BacktoSchool contest in August. We’ll post similar stories over the next several months.

Clifford Beers ClinicConnecticut has made tremendous strides in the last several years to provide trauma-informed mental health care in its school-based health centers, (SBHCs) especially after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

In New Haven, CT, Clifford Beers Clinic has partnered with the New Haven Public Schools on the New Haven Trauma Coalition (NHTC). The NHTC provides direct services (trauma screening and group-based clinical work), care coordination, and professional development.  The New Haven Board of Education already partners with several local health providers including the Fair Haven Community Health Clinic; with these existing community partnerships, the school health centers are well integrated, so mental health professionals provided through the NHTC are widely sought whenever care is needed.

With this partnership, the centers are able to offer everything from crisis care to ongoing therapeutic counseling. This is a prime example of one of our core competencies: systems coordination. Thanks to the Clifford Beers Clinic for ensuring that students have the mental health care services they need to be healthy and ready to learn.

Additional thanks to Emily Rorke of the Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers for submitting this story.


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