There’s Still Time to Apply to Our Leadership Fellows Program! Deadline: October 23, 2015


We are looking for passionate and dedicated members to join the second cohort of the School-Based Health Alliance’s Leadership Fellows Program (LFP). The program launched in 2014 with the goal of developing the next generation of school-based health care leaders.

Applicants Can Expect to Learn
School-Based Health Care
Starting and sustaining a school-based health center
Business planning, cost analysis, return on investment, and community benefit
Contracting with HMOs/managed care organizations
High potential planning and causal decision-making
Action learning for problem-solving
Engagement and community benefit planning for creating change

Ten individuals will be selected to join this year. The group is chosen from physicians, social workers, nurses, and other health care experts. These fellows will be groomed to be future leaders who will take responsibility for growing and sustaining the field. Participants who are early to mid-level in their career and are advocates for quality health care being provided for children and adolescents in school are encouraged to apply.

“[The LFP provides] an opportunity for learning, mentorship, networking, and review of best practices for workers on the front line to take your SBHC to the next-level”
-Lynne Meadows, Coordinator/Student Health Services, Fulton County Schools

The program’s benefits include networking opportunities, access to tools and mentors, and broadening the fellow’s knowledge of the school-based health care field.  Letitia Winston, Assistant Director of Programs at the School-Based Health Alliance and manager of the LFP, would like the new fellows to develop meaningful relationships with previous LFP members, coaches, and mentors; create innovative programs; and absorb the wealth of knowledge afforded them via the initiative.

Apply today!


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