Resources for Young Male Wellness Visits

Young Male Wellness VisitsThe American Sexual Health Association recently released two great resources to help ensure that young males get the most out of their primary care visits. These resources were developed collaboratively by the American Sexual Health Association, the School-Based Health Alliance, the Healthy Teen Network, and the Adolescent Male Partnership.

Research consistently shows that young males are underrepresented in wellness visits to primary care clinics. When those visits do occur, they often take place in a busy environment with a short appointment window.

The first resource is a self-assessment to be completed by young males before they enter their appointment. Entitled “Your Health Is Your Power,” this questionnaire is designed to help them think about their wellness, diet and exercise, substance use, immunizations, and sexual health.

The second resource complements the self-assessment and is geared towards the health care provider. Functioning as a checklist, it seeks to ensure that health care providers cover all of important health issues for young men during their visit.

Download the Self-Assessment for Young Males

Download the Tools for Treating Adolescent Male Patients


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