Youth Advisory Council Celebrate Awareness Month

By Nicole Carrillo, Youth Advisory Council Member

The School-Based Health Alliance’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members advocated for school-based health centers (SBHCs) in their communities throughout 2015 School-Based Health Care Awareness Month. Nicole Carrillo shares her experience.

YAC Nebraska BlogWalking into Room 241 at Northwest Magnet High School in Omaha, Nebraska during National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month, you could feel the excitement. For the first time, students were joining together to promote the SBHC at their school. The Healthy Huskies, an obesity prevention club that works with the SBHC, sponsored the activity. Students worked on posters to promote the services offered by the SBHC.

There is a clear need to raise awareness about our SBHC at Northwest. When I ask around the school to determine what other students’ attitude or perceptions about the center are, I keep hearing the same thing, “The what?”

Students participating in Awareness Month knew this. As we brainstormed possible ways to raise awareness, we eventually decided on posters. While the project was small scale, we are proud of our accomplishments. We know that we will reach a lot of students and are looking forward to next year in which we plan to not only reach out to our school, but the community as a whole. Congratulations Northwest on your first ever SBHC Awareness Project!


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