Hallways to Health Spotlight: Oregon and Washington

Merlo Station High School’s Health Fairs Becoming a Part of the School Culture

Oregon&Washington-SpotlightAfter a very successful school-wide health fair last year, Hallways to Health created quite the buzz among students and staff. In an effort to keep up with the momentum and enthusiasm generated in the first year, Merlo Station High School is not only bringing back the popular health fair activity, but adding four additional “mini-health fairs” throughout the school year. Classes offered during the health fair will include: martial arts, yoga, hands-on dance instruction, meditation, healthy youth relationships, healthy foods cooking class, and nutrition education.

The health fairs and “health days” are becoming intrinsic to the culture of the school. As the SBHC comes into this school year better equipped to work with school administration, they’re finding new ways to engage the school community. The SBHC has already been approached by the school administration in regards to promoting the health fairs in their newsletter, and several parents have indicated an interest in the work being done. Merlo Station is already thinking critically about how to make Hallways to Health a continuous movement in their school, carrying forward what they describe as a “legacy of health.”


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