CareClix Telemedicine Bringing Health Care into Maryland Schools

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Five elementary schools in Howard County, Maryland, now have access to doctors at the University of Maryland’s Children’s Hospital, thanks to School-Based Health Alliance member CareClix Telemedicine. Maryland is one of the first states to build a publically-owned, hi-fiber broadband network, which allows CareClix Telemedicine to provide the tech and software required to connect Maryland schools to hospitals at incredible speeds.

In many states, school systems are facing cutbacks, and kids and teens are not always able to get the access to care they need. This program aims to change that for Maryland. “It’s an excellent way to take care of students,” said Sunil Budhrani, MD, MPH of CareClix Telemedicine. “It ensures that, when a student is sick, they’re seeing a doctor. And as an added bonus, parents are able to be a part of the virtual visit as well.”

CareClix believes that in the future we’ll see reduced absenteeism, increased access to quality health care in Maryland schools, and reduced costs for providing services. “As utilization of telemedicine services increases in elementary, middle, and upper school systems across the country, the savings realized is not only related to the improvement in learning, but also in the overall health care system, because it keeps kids from going to emergency rooms. This is a more cost effective way of treating illness.”

The hope is that more and more states will provide reimbursement for telemedicine services as a result, and a growing number of school-based health centers (SBHCs) will embrace telemedicine as a way to increase access to health care services in their communities.

There’s a lot going on in Maryland around telemedicine. Use the links below to learn more:


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