Stepping Out, Stepping Up, Stepping In

LFP Webpage ImageThe school-based health care movement began approximately 30 years ago. While many of the early advocates and leaders remain in the field today, a large segment is or will be retiring soon. This “brain drain” will result in the loss of many experts in the field who are the most knowledgeable about the unique aspects of providing high-quality, comprehensive, and culturally competent health care in schools. The school-based health care field needs to cultivate new leaders to re-energize the field and replace the long-time advocates.

We are excited that the Atlantic Philanthropies agrees this is an issue and is supporting the launch of our Leadership Fellows Program (LFP). We are currently recruiting individuals to participate in a year-long leadership development opportunity. We are looking for people who are early to mid-level in their career path and strive to be leaders in the school-based health care movement. Interested folks are most likely leaders already, but want to take it to the next level. Our LFP will provide the knowledge, resources, and support to help get you there.

The program will bring together ten participants from around the country, all working on behalf of school-based health care in some way, to develop and hone their leadership skills and school-based health care knowledge. I am excited to meet and work with these motivated, dedicated, and passionate individuals, and watch them positively affect children’s access to quality health care in their communities, across their regions, and nationally.

Wondering how you can step up your game? Want to be part of the program? Submit your application by October 20, 2014.

Is the program not for you at this time? Spread the word to those you think may benefit from our LFP. We’re looking for a diverse class of participants. We want folks from around the country, working in varied capacities that bring rich experiences with them.

I look forward to collaborating with the next generation of leaders that will continue to elevate school-based health care to the forefront of health care workers’, educators’ and policy makers’ priorities.


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