Member Benefit: Policy Update

CongressPolicy is wonky. It’s filled with jargon and can be confusing. Policy is also vital. Your work in a school-based health center can be altered by policies passed by a school board or signed by the United States President.

At the School-Based Health Alliance, we keep abreast of the local, state, and national policy issues that have an impact on your school-based health center. Every month, we compile a Policy Newsletter that summarizes the discussions and changes happening in state legislatures and on Capitol Hill that could affect your community.

This month, our policy update has insights on:

  • A CHIRPA evaluation that highlighted SBHCs as medical homes.
  • The first-ever National Prevention Strategy, which highlights school nutrition and behavioral health services.
  • The second round of Health Care Innovation Awards.
  • A bipartisan bill to expand community schools.

The Policy Newsletter is available only to School-Based Health Alliance members. If you’re not a member, we encourage you to sign up today to keep informed of these and other critical health care issues. Be sure to check out our other member benefits here.


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