Opening Plenary: Working Across Sectors to Improve Child and Adolescent Population Health

Opening PlenaryThis morning, Dr. Reed Tuckson opened the 2014 National School-Based Health Care Convention with a discussion on how schools, nurses, and community agencies can transform the health outcomes of children and adolescents. Now is a time of volatility, evolution, and in risks in health care, said Dr. Tuckson. But it is also a time of opportunity. The United States must work on changing consumer behavior if it is to ever reverse the trend of escalating health care costs.

Dr. Tuckson urged the audience to focus on community engagement and making science-based, data-driven arguments to policymakers to demonstrate the value of the services school-based health centers provide. He also discussed the need for health care providers to interact with kids and teens using language they understand and by utilizing current technology. Fitness monitors, apps, mobile devices, Wii and Xbox fitness games, and more should be used by school-based health centers to keep their patients healthy and happy.

He ended the presentation by telling the audience that their job is more challenging now than it ever has been before, but by tending to the health of our nation’s kids, they are strengthening the foundation of our democracy.

Dr. Tuckson recommended websites, papers, and books as resources as well:


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